Museum collection points + markers



With the new depot can you add a way to sell museum collection points to gear makers.

At the moment these points do nothing would be useful to use them for something.


I liked the idea in another thread (no idea which) about using museum points to fill a missing toon in outstanding collections.

I don’t think we’ll be short of gear markers, and I don’t think we’ll be buying much from there except food bags and that only because they’ve forced substitution.


They should’ve added a Musseum Shop long ago. One that offers trainers, exclusive Epics and higher quality gear. Perhaps even Assault Gear or Assault Collection items.


I like the idea to fill in the blanks +10000


This game has a laundry list of broken, dead end, unused, unrealized and under achieving aspects…

But hey, here is a new depot no one asked for and people already hate.