Museum collection not registering my toon

These are the same toon. Both 5* alert Timothy with the same rush. It is not a visual bugs as the progress counter still shows 5/7 and I don’t recall ever having Gregory.

I’m wondering if this is an isolated case or if there are more incidents of this happening with other worthless 5s that we have thrown into the 6 meat grinder.

I believe this was brought up before. If you contact CS they should be able to fix it for you. If I find the other thread I’ll post it here

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Contract support like wrecks says. Only thing is that I think they reply saying to wait till you get the whole collection, if I remember correctly.

Does anything in this game work like its supposed to? :crazy_face:

So is this a bug as well or just an oversite? I pulled the 6-star version of carl from premiere recruits but it did not check off the 5-star version in the museum.

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