Museum collection just in


Cool ( 7 char)

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Except it seems pay to get them unless I’m missing something

Not showing up yet for me

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Still don’t have it :thinking:

Nothing yet

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Rose gonna be ascendable?


Nothing here either…also heard there’s a solo levelup running right now :woman_shrugging:t3:

She’s been on the legacy list, so yes.

Lookin like to get fire wood you gotta buy rng bags.

Or get not enough free wood to do the map.



HP and drop lead? C’mon.


You are so wrong lol. I just finished the roadmap that gives you the items for the characters themselves. They give you everything you need to finish all roadmaps that are out.


Rose looks really nice surprisingly. Now if only it would launch in my region…

Yeah I pass on ascending Duane and Carley but that stun is nice on red and debuff is good.

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It’s the first day why wouldn’t they tease you.

You get a pie to open the second roadmap with every two pulls from the Harvest Stash. You get one token from finishing the first roadmap, and there must’ve been one in the free offer because I had two and I haven’t spent anything yet.

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I wish I had noticed that before I decided to buy a Harvest bag. Would have just saved the coins for something else.

The free offer and first 2 level up (5k) milestones gives you everything you need to get through today’s harvest roadmaps. :grinning: