Museum Collection complete



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Good for you

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Me too! And useless??? Hah! His double attack, plus extra attack will make already strong Mira meta teams OP! I can’t wait to use him! Hell, even as a leader, he will aid Zeke in setting up shields. Bring on the pain!

He won’t help zeke tho it’s for tough toons only

Currently I’m using 3* Andrea as a blue crit leader. Dwight gonna be a game changer for me. :slight_smile:


Pretty late? The only milestone I didn’t hit was the 1.25 million in the level up the other day. Unless vests could be gotten by 40 pulls (honestly didn’t look) today was the earliest anyone could get him. I have 49 beanies and 47 flaks so I’m not worried about “wasting gear” on him. And he is far from useless. Impair, plus leader, plus double attack. Pair him with 6* Mirabelle and Ty.