Museum Bug not counting toons I have in roster

In my Museum I have “They will remember That II” uncompleted. It says I am missing Oberson - Telltale Special Edition and Christa. In my Rooster I have Oberson - Telltale Special Edition. Why is it not showing I have him in the Museum? This seems like a pretty bad bug if people get characters and then use them in ascension and the museum does not mark them as having had them.

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Here are the screenshots of the museum collection and roster


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Never seen this happen before. Hopefully they get you squared away.

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Message support and they will fix it for you. Happened to me with the military shotgun. Took a while for their reply, but they can fix it.

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I got an answer back from support. They said to hold onto Oberson until I get Christa and then they will manualy complete the meseum collection. So yay a roster spot used and soneone I cant use for ascension.

And has always been like having a fake 5* oberson is terrible

Got the same with four star Maggie.

That Maggie collection is different because the requirement is a T3 Maggie minimum.

I just saw it! Very noob i know. Also explains why Amy isnt registerd in the museum :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grimacing: