Museum bug for claiming Sclass


I have exactly the same problem explained in this post: “severe museum bug”
My S-class princess cannot be claimed and appears as it was already claimed 2 times (altough I never did it).
I have alredy the 6k cards and the 2 Princess maxed, needed for claiming Sclass version.

Can you please support?

Player Name: Drago
Faction: Deadmofos
Region: Lowndes

Write to Scopely support in game, provide your account ID (don’t show it here) and screenshot of your maxed Princesses (remove them from teams and remove any mods) and the cards, along with the “completed” museum collection, referencing this bug.

They are able to manually exchange these for you.

Thanks for the reply! But I don’t find any way to write to them from the game. Is it via Options->Support?
Please help also with guiding me through this process.
Really usefull your reply.

Yes, go to menu->options->support, then top right there is a text bubble where you can start a new conversation.

Otherwise you can reach out to them through their support portal

Thanks again! The text bubble is missing though…tried alredy on 2 different devices. I’ll try to the support portal.

Many many thanks, again!

Could be the text bubble is only showing when you have contacted them once. I know it’s been a conundrum to log my first support request myself, really! :slight_smile:

If your phone’s language is not a language supported by their software, you won’t be able to open a ticket in game. You can always open a ticket from the web portal, just tap on the link above.

Keep in kind if you open a ticket from the web portal, it won’t be automatically associated with your account. Be sure to pick the correct game (on mobile, scroll right to get to the drop-down box to change which game). Include your account code (the code in your profile with the format XXX-YYY-ZZZ). If you can’t find your account code, include your in-game name, region, and faction.


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