Multiple war parties


I believe the option for multiple groups of 6 from ur fac being available to war should be an option. This would inevitably make higher scores and encourage more usage of war cans and more money for scopely if said factions wanted to do multiple groups to make fac war points.

This would create a new strategy, make wars faster and more fun especially if you have enough people waiting to war and more money for scopely.



In all regions current states. No.

After a mega region merge, where there are plenty of active factions all with active players. Yes. This could be amazing.


I can see why you would like this because you are obviously in a faction that has zero problems queueing up. It would be terrible for every faction that is not in the top 5. Why? Because the matchmaking is bad enough as it is right now spoon feeding the weak factions to the top. Now double the chances of this? No thanks.

What they need to do is take the top 5 from every region and shove them into one big server and let you battle each other nonstop all day long. Then you can make 5 teams of 6 and have at it but leave the rest of us out of it, thank you. :wink:


Lol… more inactive facs should merge…shrugs


Lol…top factions should be forced to split…shrugs.


All good lol… oh snap i accidently edited this post when i thought i was replying lol



I like where you’re going with this. Reminds me of the convo where people discussed 2x2 wars. Now, this is something we need in the game. :wink:

I’m sure you understand some people don’t want to deal with all the responsibilities that come with being in a top team so they like myself enjoy a more casual faction. One that lets me play the game the way I want to. One where we actually like each other as opposed to the constant player shifting, bickering, backstabbing, and infighting that goes on with some of the top players in my region. Maybe your’s is a much better region and you don’t have these problems.

The bottom line is whats good for one party is not necessarily good for another. You asked the question and this is what I think. If you are already set in your ways you shouldn’t have asked for a discussion.


All good… i like the diverse reasons but rn it my opinion vs urs… doesnt account for ev1. I can see your point too tho so no worries


what would be frustrating is if both your war parties are searching at the same time and can’t match with each other so you get stuck in a queue!


You are also asking them to perform a coding master piece when they a barley able to do coding by connect the dots style