Multiple suggestions

  1. multi select when dismantling weapons:

I had 500 useless low level ones and it took ages to select, this could be added to the option to sell weapons also.

  1. faction analysis:

I am leader of my faction but suspect about 10 players have left, it would be great to have a way to look at past activity e. g. The tournament Road had just ended but I can’t go back and view who did what, the same for the recent war. I want to remove inactive players.

  1. trade post:

Some days I get far too much wood and run out of places to spend it, unless I constantly use gold to spend on building. I use gold but don’t want to use that much. A trading post would help.

That all.



You can press and hold on a weapon to select up to 100 weapons of the same type


Serious, I didn’t know that!!! That’s awesome…

Just tried it and it worked, thanks a lot for that…


Have you checked the last time the member’s have logged in? If you think they are no longer playing, that will tell you their last log in date.


Faction assault tickets are a good way to gauge activity.


You can access war scores while no war is going on (and while one is running). Go to Factions, tap the Wars tab, tap War Leaderboard, tap the Swap button, select the War you want to see (Token Blitz for last war), tap the Faction Position button, tap the View button for your faction and there you have it.

SR tournament scores actually seem to disappear though - it would be good to have them available.


Long click…


Can see this at the next tourney of equivalent type. There’s a button on the top right when looking at score. Board though I agree there should also be other ways to access this when the tourney is not active.


Dismantle your building then do the free skips. Rinse repeat.


You can build grenades and stuff like that in the workshop.


Thanks for this, i didn’t know i could do that but when you mentioned it i had a good look around, i have some members that have not been online since early March!!!


@DrJank Thanks, I’d forgotten how to find that.

Although the Cross Region isn’t listed there, any way to new this information when not in active cross region war event?


If you lot keep giving genuinely helpful feedback the forums will disappear into a spontaneously generated black hole.


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