Multiple Shields


So a few weeks ago I got my first shield, Lee. Maxed his tier and level for use, then last week my 5* pull was another Lee. Today with the Elite Character Token I’ve pulled a third.

My question is, what’s the best method of approaching Shields? Should I level and shove all three on a defense team? Just two? Stick to the one?


Do you have 6★ Carl?

Run both shields.

No Carl?

Don’t bother with any shields


Typically 1, always better to kill than be a on going target especially with all the control out there.

I have seen 2 shields tank teams work, but won’t typically win, just be slow and annoying.


Unfortunately shields are less useful nowadays. IF you can manage to get an AP Down weapon, then you could consider using Lee. Do AP down, 30 def and 30 hp. I agree about putting him behind a Carl lead, so he doesn’t get toasted by Mirabelle lead teams first round. Five stars are easily going down with six star teams, so if he’s killed round 1 he’s absolutely useless to you. That being said, I probably wouldn’t do more than one Lee in any case. Good luck, and I hope you can find something that works!


There was a brief period of time where multiple shield teams worked well on defense. Before 6* and it required a good rainbow leader and full windowless weapons.

Ben with AD, Lee with AP down, Michshield with AD etc…


The age of the shield is long gone. A toon that doesn’t attack now when there are so many heavy hitters is a liability. Going into a fight with 2 shields you might aswell be 3 vs 5

Anyone pull any 5*'s from the prestige pull that wasn't on the wheel?

Thanks for all the input guys.
No Carl though, alas.


It’s not gone, it’s just (you can have 1 shield if you have 4 6*)

You can’t have 4, 5* 1 6* and expect any good results, but you can get defends wth AD Michonne still and some Lee


As a general rule I find more than one shield doesn’t help a defense team. Weapons and leadskills can make a difference but all youre doing is stalling the inevitable. Better to use one shield with stun/ap down etc and pack the team with hitters while they’re working on the shield


Slow and annoying isnt that bad either, especially in the war. If u Fight 1 Team it is possible that the Enemy already hit u twice, or three times. Meanwhile u just survived one fight with 2 Ppl left…


Personal preference, but I love seeing a shield on teams I raid now, dead in one or 2 hits rnd 1, 5 vs 4 from almost the off


Magna with Stun with 35Hp/Def with Mira Lead is still annoying


Having more than one shield is nearly useless on a defense team anymore.
Having a shield without their defensive skill (AP Down, Impair, Abs Def, Stun) is totally useless on a defense team now.

My general rules of thumb now is to never run more than one shield, as with 6*’s that second slot is more useful as a commander, or to up your damage to deal with said 6*’s.
Also, don’t even bother running a shield without their defensive weapon, as they’ll simply become a punching bag for the enemies AR. This used to be an issue before, but it was small, and you could succeed without it. Now, however, it’s been amplified, they’re either one shot or an AR builder without the right weapon.


Maybe, unless u run tyreese and 1 hit her first rnd.


Shields are useless on non T2 defenses now.
Example : T2 Siddiq’s active skill, defend with all the other characters if the shield’s weapon is annoying.
The next turn, the shield will be useless.


I have a lot of shields characters.
You have to use wisely the armory and to keep lower as possible the adrenaline level.
By now it is better use only one shield: the 6 stars characters kill easy a 5 star shield.


Yes there are basically 2 approaches.

  1. Defend ot Kill to reduce damage. Make sure you kill 3 out of 5 or it wont matter with 8 atks coming in.

  2. Stall. Take up as much time as possible so you and your teammates deal more damage than your opponent.

For now #1 is better achieved without shield with strong 6s and likely a command.

#2 shield or dual shield cam do well.


I have 3 x 6s and the only shield that gives me problems is shieldchonne with abs def behind Carl lead. I have trouble getting AP, and killing her before Carl heals her. Probably because most of my team is blue. Lee is generally a joke tho, because I can kill him first turn. Two of them might be good if they both have -30ap, behind Carl, with Hunter. Still, at that point you have no space for hitters, so you’re really just dragging out the inevitable. Second Lee could be good for territory or stronghold defence, but then you’re still putting him up against 6s so no, not really. You might be better off just using him as ascendance fodder. I liked Lee before the 6* buff, but now he’s just… meh.


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