Multiple SC andrea

hey Scopely people…why are you giving me so much SC andrea even im an f2p?:joy::joy::joy:



Where on earth did they come from? Probably to encourage you to get the SC so you can level her lol

thats what i thought too​:joy::joy::joy:

nice cheats man

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This issue is known to us and currently being looked into :slight_smile:

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Damn that’s a quick reply GR😂


goodbye andreas OP lol

he is good at that but not that good when there bigger issue with everyone at risk a post down lol.

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when scopely finds out something that works in favor of the players base…

probably that was the reason why there were problems with sending out coins…
all programmers send out to work on removing dupe andreas so they cant be used as trainers…


Scopely when something screws the playerbase over:


That many Andreas is basically Benedicts because with no comics u are screwed

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I’d go ahead and depot all of them so you can at least get some sd points out of it on the off chance they try to take them from you, they may not tho considering you’ll only need 2k comics to lvl them


thats why i posted it on bugs…its in my baby account…no need for many andreas if you cant upgrade it because of comics…i hope its zachary​:joy::joy::joy:

What did you do to get em? Or did you open the roster and they were there?

PM me how you learned this power

Sure, who wouldn’t want that many Andreas. Sure, you can’t level her, but I’m certain that I can think of something that I’d like to do with a couple attractive blondes like that…

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