Multiple Raulitos

I was just thinking about S Class Raulito’s super special bleed to all. And then it made me realise that, since bleed stacks, what’s to stop mega whales putting 4 on a team and winning T1 without needing to fire a shot?
Tbf, what’s to stop main whales getting 2 (aside from price) and causing 2400 bleed damage to all by the end of turn 2 (3600 by the end of turn 3). If anyone has more health than 3600, not to worry because now their ARs are ready with that crazy high bleed attack.
You could literally raid with 2 toons and pretty much be guaranteed a win against the vast majority of teams of 5.
Now that is game breaking.
If this is the 1 instance of bleed not stacking in the game, then ignore this. Otherwise 2 Raulitos is pretty much an autowin, even against other S classes.


He has to be leader for the bleed leader skill to actually work


Ah fair point. That prevents the auto winning Raulitos team then. I wanted to check in the tower before I posted but he’s not there. Still a crazy amount of bleed to all on the S class. The 6 star amount is very high but manageable. Not so much the S-class version. Couple of Lacerators in there would achieve similar results mind. Especially Jiafeng.

Now the next s class will have a weapon that does the bleed instead of a lead skill so the stacking t1 auto win bleed your team to death meta can begin :smirk: yay! :raised_hands:


Yeah I tried him with both of my lacerators and James I got above 5,000 bleed insta killed all of them it was stupid

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Dead game at that point.


Since bleed became the new meta I won’t be surprised if the next S Class have bleed payback skill. When you attack him with bleed the “bleed payback” will deal the same amount of bleed with 3x damage up to the whole enemy team. Or maybe a ultra tank toon with a special weapon skill who simply block any bleed damage for 8 turns.


Can easily imagine the 2nd one. I’ve actually finally bothered ascending my command Glenn recently, just because of his AS bleed cleanse.


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Damn, now that’s what I call Overpowered.
Scopely clearly so not understand what the fuck they are doing because if they did, they wouldn’t go THAT far. I just have no goddamn clue what are they trying to achieve now.


Triple Specialists, bide, payback and human shield combined into one along side with 500 bleed lead skill :joy:

Why is the first ■■■■■■■ coolest toon with 2 Tec 9’s probably (the dual pistol sound or a new sound) S class?

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