Multiple identical losses in raids. Within 1 sec Bug



Just want to bring this scenario up. This happened to me while I was waiting for CRW to start. Was raiding to kill sometime .Then I noticed… 3 raid losses by the same person within 1s a total of 75 rep lost. Is anyone else experiencing this .


Have not seen that one, but not surprised. No end to the cheating and hacking.


Well, It has happened only during this last crw when the servers were taking a bit to start the first wars. So far the points were lost thats all. Havent seen it again for now.


Yes, I’ve had that too. Very annoying.


Is it possible the person fled and did a rematch? then again that wouldnt take a second…


I would say no. Since you cannot keep rematching after the first rematch and yes the time frame was at once. Definitely a bug.


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