Multiple devices

Can i play in tandem on an iphone and android tablet?
I dont get any offers from tapjoy and i hear that android get huge offers. I cant progress much more on my iphone without spending and i dont particularly want too :confused:

Link account through Facebook. You can play on multiple devices.

Even if its different operating systems?

Yes it should work seamlessly as long as they are both tied to the same account code and link to your Facebook.

Thanks. Will give it a go.

Does it work?

It’s not Android that gets huge offers, it’s the world region/country you’re in.
I play from a device with Android operating system, but being from Romania, all I get are garbage offers. While in Denmark, visiting my sister, I got much better offers, so it’s basically the location service that is “in charge” of the offers you get. :slight_smile:

While that is so IOS has ceased offers so anything is better than paying for something to get 4k free coins or watching videos everyday.

4k free coins?! Where???
All I get are 400 coins, max, for a week’s grind in some game.
Or there’s the almost 2k offers, also for games, but those require an ingame purchase, and I’m not willing to do so!

Thats what im talking about we have to buy something to get free coins if your IOS we dont get to download games for coins anymore so any free coins from android is a blessing, even if its not the same amount depending on country location

Yup i see that now. No offers on ios or android. Rule Britannia :,(

Yeah it works no problem.

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I’m canadaland ios gets none worth a crap. Android you get a ton.

I dont get any on Android or ios it would appear :roll_eyes:

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