Multiple 6* T4 characters


Id like to know, realistically, how many T4 6* characters one person would have at this point in the game if they got EXTREMELY lucky during the event that gave us 6* T4 gear. Even purchasing etc.

Is it possible to have four T4 6*s characters at this point in the game without purchasing gear through VK?

There’s a player with four maxed 6*s in my region.
I don’t plan on name shaming anyone. I just want to know if it is possible.

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Nice, I’ll be the first to buy this. Scopley isn’t doing anything to stop them anyways. Lol


Do it and post it here since you’re so confident :slight_smile:


Lol you’re so desperate to see that happen. :blush:


4 Maxed??? that’s a lot of work (survivors, food, multiple 100k missions) and luck.
I mean anything is possible but I doubt its legit.

But scopely doesn’t mind cheating, so in turn…there is no such thing as cheating in this game. :slight_smile:


Not desperate, it’s humorous when someone doesn’t want to back up their statement :slight_smile:


you’re talking about 4 6 * 4. What about 5 6 * in T4?
it is clear that is in the region beta, but even so, and strange



With the worst weapons ever…

Cool to see though


They did sell some gear awhile back but would be very expensive


4/5 and with some $$$ and luck even more… unfortunately i don’t have any :frowning:


Maybe one tier 4 6*. And you’d have had to have both gotten lucky and probably paid out the nose for that. 4…for free…no. The odds would be stratospheric.


Legit and possible, just whale.


cant buy the gear nor can u farm it nor is there many 100 token pulls.

lets be real here.


Dude in my region with 4 T4 6*s just hit prestige 11.

So not a whale.


not strange at all, if you recall we tested 6* in beta in which they have us plenty of hear and trainers to create multiple 6*. Not strange in the slightest.


He was very dedicated, care to share his info just for fun?