Mr. Jones crosshairs not working

crosshairs applied to Cole…
Cole defeated ( no decapitated icon)
Cole revived by rick

This was brought up when Jones was released and we were told that is how it works.
The crosshairs goes away before the infection kills.


I searched for anything like this but nothing came up. This explains it. And it is pointless. Thank you!

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Dang… I thought I had possibly a good combo with Jones and Minerva

I think they didn’t bother fixing him because of Jones gate tbh

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Where do they say that’s how it works? He commented that it was a visual glitch. I’ve been trying to verify if the mechanics of Jones’s rush is working properly for weeks. Another issue I was questioning about it is the crosshairs is applied after the rush attacks so even if he kills them with the third shot of his rush they are not decaped.

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