Moving promotion zones

Why do you insist on doing unreasonable ill thought out actions. If not rewarding season points in consecutive order isn’t enough (missed out on a lot of season store currency for toons) Having missions that weren’t started appropriately at the very beginning now redundant as I will and have never been in gold or silver solo leagues. No that’s not enough. Now you move the promotion zones after the stretch has begun. It’s not your codeing inadequacy or lack of vision that keeps me here. It’s my friends who remain. As many have left due to your attitude of money before people.

This is the qualifying stretch. Promotions zones are different from the regular stretches because they are divided in 5 sections this time only to place everyone in the proper division. Am I missing something there?


Its always been this way as far as I know. Whatever you were in diamond, plat, silver u remain but you compete on which tier.

Oh and leagues missions got fixed too…

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