Move yourselves and factions to Liberty

Summer is right around the corner, and before long region transfers will be open. We are super excited to have the opportunity to share our home with some of you who may be looking for more activity, or a better competitive environment to play in. We would love to have you and maybe your whole team join up and come play with us like minded, competitive, and adult players.

Here in Liberty we have a lot of fun, but as the years go on more people have retired from Liberty than have joined. So there is room for some hungry competitive players, and also room for more casual players just looking for a fun and active place to play.

Some of the advantages of coming to Liberty:

  • Barely any GC trolls or weapon cheats
  • No hackers, nobody banned for it at least. We don’t tolerate that crap.
  • Top faction do not endorse Coin Loading or Cheating
  • People are helpful and friendly here
  • We are one of the oldest regions, so have a lot of knowledge here spread around.
  • We have a mixture of both F2P and P2P in all of the factions. There are about 8 decently active factions, dozen or so more casual factions, and 5 very active factions.
  • We generally do not stack the Weapon crafting territories, so most teams have a chance to get them.
  • Many of the players here are really excited about CRW, so we have good activity

We sincerely hope that we can get another region or 2 to all come together, and between the 3 of us we would all create a vibrant new region full of good competition and good fun. We are only as good as our competition, and welcome the challenge and fire that experienced players will bring.

So if you love the game like we do and just want to talk to someone about whether Liberty is a good place to join for you and your crew feel free to PM me or one of the other Leaders of Liberty, or send one of us a LINE. My LINE ID: wallofvines


Hmm, I’ll definitely consider it, my region is getting quite boring!

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Sure, we would love to have you join up. Any questions dont ge afraid to ask

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I may consider migrating there, keeping my options open though.

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I may check it out.

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Liberty is a great region! We would love to have some fresh faces around.

We are inviting any who are interested to get to know us to come join our region chat. PM me for details

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