Move Gear Hunt to a different day or multiple days .. killing farming

I don’t know why this is still a no brainer after so many years, so many changes … yet still here

Gear hunt roadmap has always fallen on a thursday, that much we know, now the map has been delayed half a day which is okay because its still 24 hours (most times)

yet we have a major influx of farmable roadmaps that just can’t be ignored. it would be more prudent to either offer up multiple gear hunts, or extend the thursdays map for 48 hours just like xp map which 95% do not need anymore

This would work in the long run as the newly updated world map seems to give a lot less in terms of gloves and shirts on the lower levels as previously obtained, meaning gear hunt has become even more needed.

Personally i would spend a whole day repeating the gear hunt map not needing any other maps and going through possibly 10-20 world refills each week.

with the constant influx of level ups, alot of the roadmaps definitely need re-tooling. i know we wont be seeing the original farmable ultimate gear which was 24 world energy each but you knew what you were getting on each level back over this now RNG crate roadmap. I would literally spend about 50 world refills to farm the night vision goggles stage over and over again but its not going to happen.

and whilst you think this may be a more cost effective approach to your community of players to obtain random gears etc its not in the long run,. its basically another hurdle put in place when much of your players want to sprint.

Right now the game is in its twilight 2-3 year lifespan and seeing the older regions such as mine slowly dying off, much to do with closing regions etc the older player base just aren’t as forgiving from all these changes.

If you haven’t realised by now that this company is purely profit driven then you’d realise it’s done deliberately to increase world can sales. Months of moaning and they’ve yet to rectify it, sounds to me like they just don’t care.

yeah but what im getting at is if they take any advice and leave it, the players will (have been) get up and leave

many in older regions are only doing the game out of time and effort, most have a hate/chore kind of feel to it, we had to say goodbye to our regions number 2 ranked player during last war, the games got so stale that were seeing many players just get up and quit.

you can only smack a dead horse so many times, we’re not trying to take money away, in fact moving gear hunt away from a day that sees 2-5 other roadmaps pop up in a business opportunity lost

Friday to Wednesday no roadmaps worth going for, the small ultimate gear map which can be completed quite quickly … any day in there gear hunt would work and would give more meaning to farming that day, using more refills than normal.

the point being, world refills are going to be used on that day, you cant farm both, or more roadmaps the same time, one is gonna get pushed to the side

This is why the glove and shirt offer pops up on Thursday.

Scopely has realized that many of us work and cannot finish all of these maps.

He has not realized it. That’s why we see this post every week. I agree though.

Please? @kalishane it’s really tough for some

Agreed. Not from a can perspective but from a time commitment. I don’t have 10 hours a day with work and family to farm over and over and over on the laundry map and still do the other maps as well. This is a game, not a job.

i realised it all back in 2016, trust me but theres no supply and demand when the demand as upped and left the game … its a case of suggesting other routes to take … and the whole point of the topic was for scopely to maximise their profits by moving 2/3 farmable must have maps and putting them on different days …

think of it like 2 movies everyone wants to watch being released on the same day and only for that day at the same time … cant watch both … one will lose money

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