Most raid losses? I cracked 5,000!


Ok, so I proudly present my win-loss record as I have more losses than anybody else I’ve seen. I have a habit of raiding until I figure out how to beat somebody - I’ve gone over twenty straight losses to a single opponent before, lol… Can anybody top this number?


Congratulations, I guess…


Hey you gotta give the guy credit for his dedication.


im nearing 1k…but guess i will just avoid lydia and erika teams i never faced lol


Godfire are you in a new region? Quite high ranking for that amount of trophy’s?


no 2 years old…and i didnt take part in this raid event.


Ghostling cof cof!


Really? Steve Şmøøķý had 6900


You should see my region. 20k gets you past rank 50 and the region is over a year old


for me raids are not that fun so i dont play them so often



Almost at 1,000 losses myself…


Almost to 225. Lol


I knew a guy long ago with over 4k losses he Pretty much came Destroyed the top faction. I wonder through his losses he learned well how to defeat eveyone.


I like to test weird attack teams out


I think I have the most losses in RTS! Woohoo! I knew I’d amount to something in life!


I’m so sorry to have to disappoint you but someone in my region has 7553 losses.


How many wins do they have


No hes in dallas which is dead af.


Well crap! I need a screenshot so I can stalk my new hero