Most op weapon in the game


the gun was free and tapes and kits are not that difficult to get so im a betting man and say it was free. If you save all your tapes and kits from te 4* roadmap they add up quickly. Throw in the random chance of getting a few from farming bam 15 kits and tapes. Also all those weapons are in the 4* weapon wheel so he must have lucked out.


Got my 3rd AP down this morning :grin:


i would put 35%hp on that. If its is for what i can assume is koa he has enough def but more hp is better than def(For koa). Then again eric exist if you really need the extra def but hp is better for koa.


Burn and bleed directly effect up and aren t effected by de f buffs. 600 burn is 600 burn. I always say hp over def these days.


Will be my 2nd attempt at hopefully getting the 30HP in the 1st slot. lets see if Earl is a Dick again :joy:


Hey!Leave Earl Alone


Earl had to die, goodbye Earl!


Never heard of ap down is that good


For f2p Defence on Green its a good option especially for a shield


I was hoping for some sort of leak with crazy weapon mods offically :frowning:


Y you showing up claiming most OP weapon of you don’t even know what weapons are in the game?


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