Most op weapon in the game


How are free to play suppose to compete? When you make it so easy for certain players to get this weapon


We got a similar weapon a few events ago… Dwight’s AK


Is this a troll post? :joy: Double atk is very good but no were near the best special nor is it game breaking or will make it tough to compete i have 2. You are making f2p sound weaker than we actually are :joy:


It’s not even perfect…


Yeah double attack doesn’t really shine unless you put it on a multi-attack AR like Dwight or Bluechonne.

I bet that old guardian Yumi would’ve absolutely shredded with it back in the day…


This has to be a joke. Literally every has access to this. Also this is just basically a copy of Dwight’s ak which almost every f2p I know has already


100% chance that OP has not read test tubes are in level up milestones


omg ovoerpwoered nerf nerf
b@n cheat haxor


Cof cof cof


I whiffed and only managed 33% on second rifle lol


Oh gaurdian yumi! I have her lol love her, she really could use a 6* version


You do know you can make it right>?


this is certain




not hard to make or if you were around when Dwight event happened you could start with a good base.


It’s going to be my 3rd Double attack weapon. Watch out I’m gunna OP AF :joy::joy::joy:


What makes even less sense is that anyone can get this one completely free if they chose Maggie’s side.

Everyone can also go the hard route and get a similar one by crafting as shown by the many examples above.

I’m not but if I were to be upset about anything it would be about the recent influx of green ab def axes because that can’t be crafted or earned for free but only bought in rng bags (I think there was a stash too).


I haz all zee power!!! #fudgythewhale


Damn dude how much did that all cost


10bazillion rubles