Most obnoxious Survival Road ever

It is not fun switching toons out every other turn. There is nothing about this new system that makes it more interesting. On the contrary makes me even less likely to play it now personally. What does everyone else think?


Completely agree. It sucks.


Almost everyone hates it.
But ofc, scopely refuses to even acknowledge there are issues.

So many problems with it too. 100% crit resist. Insanely buffed humans and walkers. Huge commitment in time. Depot prices. Pretty much everything they changed they got wrong.


Was actually a breeze compared to level 411 of normal survival road…just wait for those levels.


We are getting super win bonus n war so top whales are happy, idk what you mean of course scopely focus on the important matters

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Except they’re only interested in that 0.0001%

“Most obnoxious Survival Road ever”

I completely agree. For me, it isn’t fun.

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Name anything fun in this joke of a game !

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I used to kind of, sort of, enjoy Survival Road. Not any more!

I used to really enjoy SR. But it’s did become a chore after a while. So i was really looking forward to the update. I thought introducing horde walkers and 6* were great moves. I knew better, but allowed myself to hope, on top of everything else, i guess its why I am so bitter about it. They really could have made it much, much more fun. But like i keep saying, they got every single change wrong and completely ruined it.

You know its messed up and sad when you miss the pre update SR…


I feel you so much. I don’t care to take a little more time to finish it or even less tokens. I miss the old SR. I wish ppl hadn’t even mentioned updating it. I’m sorry. I thought this part of the game and raiding and war were the best of the weekly but now they’ve ruined it. At least raids and war are still doable. They took a lot of fun out of my daily routine. I mean I enjoyed it. It was stages I knew I’d get to do. Now with the traits , walkers and beefed up ppl it just sucks. No fun. Too much hassle and I don’t have 10 6* maxed out of every trait so the trait thing on top of it all really hurt. Oh well, one more push toward getting rid of this addiction. You can’t get ahead in this game. Its pathetic.


Technically nightmare survival road was much more obnoxious… haven’t really found it that hard but they should take out payback. Most just auto it.

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Its still pretty obnoxious. If your below S11 and on legendary, or only have certain traits in 6* , it sucks a big one. Nightmare is easier sometime imho. Too time consuming and the trait thing needs to go. It worked on the old SR. It doesn’t now. I’ve saw countless ppl on here and in game complaining abt it so obviously we aren’t the only ones having issues with it.

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At least the lower stages were achievable. I remembered what it was like to be able to work through it.


Seeing as the max level has increased maybe it’s also time to increase the daily FA token limit

I auto-filled and auto-played the whole thing, lost 1 toon, didn’t bother to go back and replay it. And no I only have 2 sclass, Kapoor and Christa. 1 of them is on ygl.

Daily Sr is horrible now. I look at it and say you should do that for the markers. Then I say, nah, takes too much time to do. Lol

Yep, it blows

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