Most hateful character in enemy defense?

  • Holly
  • Raven
  • Eric
  • Doc Stivens
  • Olivia
  • Red Negan
  • Elle
  • Rick-Guardian
  • Zachary
  • Jessie Anderson
  • Pete Anderson
  • Green Wayland
  • Rayan
  • Mia
  • Ajax

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3 star katjaa in nightmare survival mode :wink:


Who’s Rayan? :thinking:

is not spelling game. you know it is ryan


No, I did not. That’s why I asked.

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Right now probably wayland. Only because his payback is hitting through guardian shields. Negan’s doesn’t last I saw. So what’s that all about? Another broke character.


It did occur to me that Negan’s shit Payback went right through my team though Guardian shield was applied to most toons. Normal? Not sure.

Hmm. I’ve faced teams with negan before… probably a week or so ago where it definitely didn’t go through my shields. Wonder if they tweaked something and broke it? Nothing would surprise me with scopely.


Ryan for me, guys a massive pita, more so than elle with my setup

Guardian Rick for sure. Find him more annoying than some of the promo toons


Negan is very hateful. Not nice man

That’s surprising. I have come across him on some good teams that loop you so I get it somewhat. But Elle with that pain split. Almost always ruins my 5^ and I’ve even had that stupid bide trigger on death even though it’s not supposed to


When you’re one hit away from winning and mia stuns your whole team even with stun resist and revives the other mia. Most hateful for me

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Green gabriel because hes the only one who can stop my maim team

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Douglas should have been on there before Eric or Ajax. Not that he’d get a look in for being selected with any of the others on that list but getting in due to GS and confuse. Mercer is also way more annoying than Eric or Ajax, I would have put him on the list ahead of those 2 as well.
In fact, I love to see an Eric lead! And Ajax has way too high an attack value for a shield.

Elle is hands down the worst toon to face.


I went Zach, but only because I haven’t faced Elle or Ryan outside of roadmaps yet for some unknown reason

You funny :thinking:

Huh… it seems as if only one of the characters on the list is a f2p. :thinking:

Two are