Most coins gotten from Offers

I’m in the midle of doing this offer and the coins I would get are gonna be pretty nice.But I always wonder what is the highest coin offers you heard off.

300k coins from day of the dead event :joy: :joy:


Actually I think it was even more … bcoz I saw someone with 450k and another debate started where someone else got more than 450k lol …we can always check that topic tho… but who cares …

Zéro. I’m an Apple user.

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I am an Apple iOS user too, have a large variety of offers and can watch videos. Perhaps laws regarding mobile ads are different in the UK than in the rest of Europe. Although I am not going to waste more free time on different freemium games just to get some stuff in another freemium game, or even spend real money just to get some pixels in a different mobile game. :joy:

Mine was 13k and it was way too difficult to finish the task without spending in that game

Uk get fk all

You could always just use a vpn…that’s what I did…went to Fat America and bam.Thats how Capitalism works right?

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For Rise of Kingdoms it’s just a matter of hard grinding. it’ll take some time for sure (I estimated 3 weeks)

Yeah right, and then people wondering why Tapjoy won’t pay out.


Hey now, only about 85% of us are fat here. Lol. In luckily not one of them


What region are you playing in I’m gonna come burn you everyday so you don’t get the offer done lol

Thought VPN no longer works

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I did that one too hide during those gov events lol.

Level 17 is gonna take him forever with no money spent

Forever I got lucky and got some vietnamese power faction so it wasnt too bad I never had to worry about being attacked. But if you arent hardcore or willing to spend that offer isnt that easy.

Tapjoy wont pay out due to some other stuff they did.i always did this and never had a problem

My 30 veteran ring kenny will fυck ya up bro

It does,You gotta use the right VPN tho you cant use it with a random one

3 weeks huh…I’m 11 days in and im just upgrading to town hall level 14