Most boring Wheel in all of History


I got the Infamous Justabox x1 sheath knife.

I can honestly say.


Please bring back event wheels with many weapons and tokens with 10-20 pulls per event.


I wish they would pick one or the other. A wheel with lots of good and bad but quite a few pulls or only great things on the wheel and very few pulls. I prefer the former. Everyone likes to pull.


ever since they introduced 6 star t4 gear into wheels.
We have had the absolute most grindy and most unrewarding wheels ever.

Atrociously boring.


I remember when I complained about some of my trash pulls in the Hold The Line wheel. Man I didn’t know how good I had it back then compared to now!


Member shiva event, that was awesome. Everything since has been sub par


Yep, awesome toons in that wheel that everyone was excited for. Only for them to rendered useless one month later. Shady Scopely as usual