Most active wave 3b/a regions left?

needing new home for myself and faction. recruitment posts are welcome.

What faction you in? My region needs a few factions tbh lol

hope you don’t mind me keeping that info to myself. as to not ruffle feathers lol
mid-high activity fac with tenured players. honestly needing a mini merge if possible, and like fair competition (f2p).

There are no activity left in wave 3 . That’s why I left for wave 2
No matter what you will hear about active region or bla bla bla … They will be all lying to get you join the region.
Just move to wave 2 or 1 if you want active regions

Hi there @bingle can you define for us what you consider to be an active region? What kind of landscape are you looking for, and what is your vision for your Fac, are you looking for top placings or are you looking for a battle for 7th place every event?

What does you fac look like at the moment? How do you place in your current region?

appreciate the honest input. have any wave 2 regions to recommend?

active region as in more than a handful of facs with similar rep (not that it even matters anymore but tends to show the “health” of a region in how active the region and how fair the competition is). not looking for ranking 1st all events but have a bunch of wonderful ppl who love a good fight. steering clear from p2p regions and one offs with deep pockets in solo events.
going to be needing either a mini merge or availability of solo players to recruit from as well.

You probably going to have to look in the younger regions if you want to have a pool of available recruits even after transfers closed. That is what we did best decision we made

Wave 2A regions

Hello, I’m on a active faction in wave 3, we fight for top 5 on all wars.

Most of our people speak spanish, if you are a respectuful person we can talk and maybe set a merge.

We are allways looking for new friends

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