Most active f2p faction

Curious what is the most active and/or highest scoring (this war, league, other events) f2p faction in this game. And with f2p I mean maybe a monthly pass and maybe some cheap offers but no whales

So not F2P then?

At what point does “some cheap offers” transition into “whale”


Mhh well maybe not a very clear line but think most know the difference between whales and mild spenders or f2p, just curious how good the factions outside the top 25 in leagues or top 16 list here on the forum doing without spending much

Sounds like you didnt buy the right offers


I’m ftp.


How do you get the new yellow Alpha as FTP?
When you have to pay for walker head tokens… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

That wouldn’t be a f2p faction then. That would be a light spending faction.

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I’m ftp 9.99% of the time.


Same ftp here… Can’t afford the monthly Andrea comics pass O.o

Maybe you should ask @Kodak_black, I heard he is the best f2p player

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Wasn’t about individuals more about factions. Looking in league top 25 are all big spending factions was curious what leagues the mainly f2p factions are and how they were doing in crw

F2P FOR LIFE between cc swiped :wink:


I can’t imagine there being a full faction that has every player that’s f2p. Usually he leader or co will have spent some money. And the super active good f2p players get recruited into a faction that has some spenders. I would love to see this faction if there was one.

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My faction is f2p and we place in the top 25 in crw’s

Even in lower level factions I see premiere toons who can only be had from spending. But it is possible to get lucky with singles or 10 pulls from saving coins in leagues and player levels. Id imagine the complete f2p never spent a dollar factions that are top 25 from crw is slim to non. Top 25 is basically top 3 from each region plus 1.

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