Morgan VS Butler VS Coosa


Butler, Coosa

Do you folks have what it takes to bring us down?

Bring it.


The hackers in Coosa can.


Lowndes beat both Butler and Coosa, but on seperate occasions. If Lowndes can beat them, any region that is at least a year old can beat them too.


The hackers cant win wars, only spawn in benedicts and win level ups


Morgan beat Lowndes and Coosa last war. So I guess I’ll have a lot of disappointment to look forward to as I wanted even tougher competition.

Lowndes was a good match. We all took losses.


If you’re talking about specific factions, then yeah Morgan beat Lowndes and Coosa.


We always are since region placement is just a function of overall activity (I. E. Whomever has more factions playing)



Good luck to everyone involved! Hope everyone has fun :blush:


Coosa is about the same age as Butler. Most factions in Coosa use CRW and blitz wars to collect war cans rather than warring and they put 1 toon defences. Even their names day that… Its a pity because they drag the whole region down


Us butler folk are going to do our best!


I didn’t see any of that from Coosa last time.

Lowndes is just turning 1 year old this month.


Coosa can hack in wars to make there toons do insane amount of damage so they kill super fast and hack tower’s etc stuff I’ve all actually seen before in war


Hacking toon stats gets you banned quick so im impressed how they did it(experience)



Crw chat feels like this right now. Need some intensity.


I’ll quite happily wager that Coosa will win


We shall see last time Coosa fell behind when their bigs weren’t on. The multiple maxed 6s toons are certainly noteworthy. Two maxed 6s can be managed, the team with 4 maxed is definitely a bottleneck.


What’s the deal with butler?

Very quiet


Nice team wanderer… Took me a while to defeat you :confused:


Thanks hard to find something that can slow players down.