Morgan - stealth nerf or bug?

My shiny new Morgan’s active skill has stopped doing any damage. AP gain works fine but main doesn’t seem to be applying correctly. Used to be a reliable way of doing 600 damage, now shows maim status but doesn’t do any damage or show a visual on the health bar.

Is this a stealth nerf or a bug?

It’s a bug. Everyone has reported it.
For it to be a nerf every character worth maim would have to be nerfed. Everyone with maim on their AR is working as intended. Only Morgan is bugged.


Well rip Morgan’s active skill for the next 3 months. Provided they even make it a priority for the next update. @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


  1. My support message was quite matter of fact so the ‘dont punch me’ tone was hilarious and
  2. There’s no way Jehrald is a real name. Also,

I’ve heard from a couple of others that this is maim WAD. Confused

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This is why I don’t believe they are real people in spite of what JB says. If they were real they wouldn’t need a copy and paste response. I got that response to a completely different topic.

Just try to start your message with normal requests (problem with coins or bug or whatever) and end it with a load of insults and meaningless thoughts : watch the auto-reply triggering almost everytime.

So yeah, there might be some people behind the service but I think that they are just here to maintain the auto-reply system.
Also they are not able at all to talk about characters stats.
How is that even possible if thats not because of auto replies ??

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