Morgan’s Maim damage not working

Anyone else have issues with the Blue Morgan’s AS after this last update? The maim is supposed to do 600 flat damage and make it also decrease the max hp that the character hit with it can heal up to - now it’s not taking any damage from the toon just taking it off the max HP

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Oh in the picture I used Morgan’s as on the ty in the bottom - you can see on the second picture that he has the same hp but that there is now a maim bar taking away the total HP they can heal up -

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Yeah. Known bug. They’re supposedly working on it though. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. He seems too cool to be hindered like that.

Who’s uses Erika and Makenzie both in a attack team tho? Btw don’t know anything about the Morgan bug u should try asking support

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That was my auto SR team I was testing it on the world maps to make sure I could auto walker legend levels usually Erika is replaced my miriboob -

So, this is probably a good time to tell you he’s also bugged for autoplay and if you auto with him on a team you’re going to end up with hung stages where all the opponents are dead but the battle never ends and your characters have no actions available so all you can do is force close the game and redo it.


Ah makes sense carry on

Having the same issue

Thank you for the tip ! I don’t typically use him on my team but now I will wait for sure :cold_sweat:

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