Morgan crashing during auto farm


The New Speciality Morgan is bugged in the new update …

during world/roadmap/Territories stages when auto farmed the last walker is hit with morgans specilaity + rush … it does not go down and is stuck on a screen until you Flee or close the app, costing you energy and time

i let it go the first few times thinking territory glitch but was happening a lot of times now


I haven’t noticed it (finished last few Ryker roadmap stages with him)

What device are you using?


Human stage, all died but screen got locked on here

Walker stage, last zombie did not go down and couldnt hit it again


Sony Xperia XZ Premium

using Android and on Beta and fully updated to 18.0 or whatever it is


Lol, I’m using the same phone, but i’m not on Beta


Jep I have the same problem with Morgan…


Same problem, in beta as well. I have also noted that when you use his active skill it does not animate properly on the enemy health bar,


Thanks for the heads up.

Have you updated the Beta client to the latest 18.0.1 and still witnessing the issue?


yes, everything is always up to date with my game, im one of the crazies who has auto update on at all times


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