Morgan a month on and promo'd again but still breaking the game

Been touched up on since the day of his release. He’s still bugged and is actually costing players Actual money

i like many others play survival road in work etc and dont have time to completely manual play all the easy levels etc but when you release a toon that when fully maxed out becomes one of the top players in the roster he will more than likely be chosen at random first and foremost which unless its not blue specific, he always is

when auto running the levels it can become paused and non playable when morgan uses his speciality follow up. @JB.Scopely has stated he believes his Maim is what is causing the problem but it isnt. i have a screenshot where as his maim was not used at all during the level, but his follow up was.

Do i go to support and ask for all the energy used up during having this player pause the game indefinitely during world/territory/survival road or raids. All which become a loss once you flee or restart the game. As support arent recognising this as a bug of sort.

Something needs to happen with this, morgan doesnt need nerfing or the likes, just something needs to be shown that when a walker/human dies its dead, not maimed, but dead.

I agree. The refresh timer for the supply depot is nuts. Been waiting for some toons to pop up for months. But I keep getting Rick and Morgan back to back for months.


lol @docmatix i think you jumped on the wrong thread here bud

Yea, I see. Funny thing is I responded on the other thread and haven’t even looked at this one before just now.

another bug found haha

Lol (7 chars)

I know this doesn’t fix the problem, but in the immediate can you deliberately send Morgan our on an all yellow enemy level to get him killed, then he won’t get into your auto teams.

As I say, not the answer you’re looking for, but a much faster than waiting for a Scopely patch to come along & break something else :+1:

i did that on the last SR, but wanted to use him in legendary stages

thanks for the idea for others though Galaxy

that’s why I don’t use Morgan on roadmaps/sr (if possible) , but this should not be an issue, but at the same time…what can we (the players) do?

bring this to their attention

i guess if the character was dropping 100 coins on each run through he made, then this issue would be swiftly rectified … This is what the player base is seriously fed up with. Something that is genuinely broken but doesnt harm their front end financially does not get fixed or seen to for months on end YET if it was harmful in a small way it would be done within 24 hours


I always choose my teams to avoid a snafu…but sometimes I get lazy.

Made a post about this and seems scopely just didnt care.

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they truly don’t … meanwhile buy a bugged promo

I got him off a 10 his first promo still cant complain.

I can complain.

I reported this literally on patch day it was broken over 2 weeks ago:

Others have as well:

Not that it matters… I’d like to see some people who tried to pull for him but didn’t get him get a re fund citing product misrepresented… that’s probably the fastest way to get them to actually care and do something about it.

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Well trying to get a refund out pf google play for the product being defective is near impossible know from experience.

I have lol they just tell me to go through the product owner

Yeah, I mean people who try to refund because they are sour pull odds screwed them is shady, but being lied to about buying a chance at something that isn’t what you actually get is clear cut reason for refund imo.

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