More ways to get coins

As this is about making Coins: is it possible to get arena coins twice if you play in 2 regions?

Like I said, they would know how to do it in a way that is somehow balanced

Yes the balance their profits by raising the prices of everything else. Like I said it’s economics in your 90 coins now would be the same as 1000 coins later.

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You can get arenas coins in multiple regions, yes. But the league placement milestones are available only in one.

So if ypu start in a new region and lvl up from gold which is quite easy to obtain you get the whole bonus coins? I mean coins foe example 1st in gold1 but not the bonus from gold 1 to 2 right?

Whichever region gives you higher coins in leagues, that’s the one you collect from that week.

1 weekly pull for logging in 7 days straight would be ok imo.

I feel like an end of season league placement coin bonus would be cool. And would make sandbagging less appealing


Exactly this. I’ve made sure I’m in Diamond One this stretch and turned all my Arena defences to trainers and won’t be taking part in Arenas because I actively want to get relegated so I can start in Plat 1 (or more likely 2) after placement week at the start of next season. Not doing Arenas means I can still raid enough for the events and make sure I’m relegated despite the fact Scopely seem to have intentionally made the last week for relegation a week where we have to raid and War to get event prizes (smart move to combat this but poorly implemented).
There is zero incentive for me to want to stay in Diamond for the start of the Season. Granted, by stretch 5 or so, once I’ve made it into Diamond again I cannot be bothered with the Micromanagement of yo-yoing between Diamond 1 and Plat 5 so stay in Diamond 1-3 and just collect the weekly coins. But towards the end of the season I am intentionally making sure I am in Diamond 1 in the penultimate stretch to repeat the process all over again.
Why on earth would I do otherwise when there is very little reward to place high in Diamond?


I went to D5 this season just so I could get top 100 and knock off a personal achievement of sorts. But beyond that, there is no value in being a high acheiver in leagues. A few extra pennies a week is all I counted. Not worth it at all

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Congrats on the achievement @Moog. Kudos!

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Thanks man. More of a consequence of being furloughed and having too much spare time than any act of skill haha

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