More ways to get ascendance medals


As a long time player I was happy for ascension, welcomed it with open arms but now after ascending multiple 4s to 5s and two 5s to 6s medals have run dry, the only way to get them is the 1000 you get for participating in war and the box in the survival road depot, but where many people are at in survival road it has become impossible to move forward, we need more ways to get ascendance medals faster.


Agreed. It’s a bit funny, considering how people complained about loads of excess medals after their introductory event, but the predictions were true: they did dry up after the event. I think an easy solution would be to make them drop in some non-event farmable mode, such as raids or territory battles (the latter would also make territory battles more common, since people would farm for the medals, thus starting conflicts and keeping a regular rotation of controlled territories). They could also make them craftable in the workshop, to give that building some new use and to use up some wood.



Way to go dog. Sure is helpful.


no need for the insult, and yes I consider being called a dog an insult. But yes, I was being helpful. everyone needs to learn how to follow simple direction and see if a thread already exists before creating a new one.


Uhm, thanks?


We are so grateful for your service to us rib cage


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I tried to warn people when all the medals were coming out. Also no need to ascend every chance you get. :-p


Gotta ascend to keep up with the competition though


Yes and no.
You don’t need to ascend everything you can. In the 3 regions where I ascended I find just Mira as lead works out well.


I am wondering when we will see a come back for medals in general for events and rewards.

Supply depot is a way to get medals but very limited way of getting them.


And once you reach a certain sr level it becomes impossible to move forward thus hindering any chance for medals


Desperately in need of more medals of both kind, blue and gold. All these level ups and the buff of 6* basically forced more ascendance. Yet we are still begging for weekly gear maps to upgrade all of our toons, which mind u now take 2 walkies, 2 bags, and another set of theit other gear pieces. We also haven’t recieved any medals, besides recent event, in ages. I just don’t get it. By supplying things we need, we become more active, more activity Is good for scopley. Why buy a premiere toon with no gear or medals?? No the offers that u provide don’t even give u a chance to complete an upgrade and if I’m missing half of what I need I’m not wasting money to still be missing gear, or have no medals t ascend to the 6*. I try and stay constructive on here but after joining a few weeks back and seeing how Lil progress is made it makes me wonder what exactly the goal is anymore. Having a bunch of half leveled, unusable toons? I know it’s possible to make these things happen without a complete overhaul.