More War Stats! Please

I would love there to be more War stats included to look at in game.

Such as how many wars each member has been in.
% points per War
How many towers gained
How many towers stacked
How many revives

Not sure how much work it would take.
But I think it would be a great new addition.



Add this one: how many wars each player was in


This for me is most important. Rest of the suggestions are great, but this stat helps distinguish the heavy hitters from the bastards that seem to be in the war queue every damn battle and never drop a can.


Stats on % defends and how many points surrendered per attack to truly gauge how effective a defense is. Even if you don’t get a full defend having an attacker 1 alive is still not bad, can’t tell that from war log

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I like :raised_hands:

Yeah @kalishane we really need these stats.
Please help us get them into the game :slight_smile:

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We truly needs stats on two things.
How many wars you fought in( participation)
How many actual attack did you make ( is the person actual trying).

Here a faction leader can determine who slacking and who needs advice and helP.

If your putting lots of attacks but few points, your faction can at least identify you may need help and provide it, thus improving the faction unity


who attacked towers(building)


I like this suggestion.
Makes it easier for leads to assess who tries and who doesn’t.

The total score can sometimes be misleading,

Hope this has been seen by someone at Scopley or iugo
I think it’s a good suggestion and will help a lot of factions.

Number of wars participated in and hits done would really help.

I’d like to see stats on how many times people coined repairs.