More VK cheats spotted this CRW

It seems we have another user from a top faction using cheats spotted this crw…

His weapon has 7 upgrades, this isn’t currently possible due to only having 6 upgrade spots (3 when weapon is a 4* & an additional 3 when upgraded to a 5* weapon).

Can somebody from Scopely look into this please? Seems we need another ban wave!

Uh oh, where is that popcorn guy?

7 how that’s borrowed crit weapon
First huge = 1
Better third slot = 2
Crit to +35 = 3
5 star it
4th slot = 4
+5 crit = 5
+5 crit = 6
Will look the same but borrowed stats

It’s 7. First slot is 30 attack & changed to 30 crit.

30 crit = 1
+5 crit = 2
+5 crit = 3
+5 crit = 4
Double attack 175% = 5
Huge when attacking = 6
Rampage = 7

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visual bug

I wouldn’t worry saw loads of teams with 5 fully maxed perfect weapons :+1:

Calling someone dumb and posting something dumber^

When you swap stats is does display the original weapon but with the swapped stats.

That weapon is possible (unlikely, given Early is an absolute f_cker, but possible) in six crafts and then could be stat swapped onto Priya. Not sure what relevance the third screenshot (Maggie’s AR) demonstrates?

Edit - right, I see the relevance of Maggie’s weapon given the Priya shot shows it.


Because it’s the original weapon… 30Att, Med bonus AP attack, Double Attack

  1. Upgrade 3rd Slot
  2. Get Huge AP
  3. Swap 30Att with 30Crit

Upgrade to 5star
4. Get 4th slot
5. Upgrade crit to 35
6. Upgrade crit to 40

Somehow there’s an extra 5crit

Exactly. 40 crit not 45

Almost the same, but other one has 45 crit

its a visual bug we have went over this in the 1st war when they came out

Please report directly to the people involved with investigating cheating. This is not a place for witch hunts.

Edit: took screenshot with player name out of OP.

It would be legit if it had been crafted on a weapon with +30 Crit as the stock form. I appreciate that neither Priya’s Bazooka or Maggie’s Assualt Rifle would enable this to be legit crafted, but as other’s have noted there are visual bugs so could be the case.

So…here is food for thought…instead of witch hunting and trying to shame legit players, why don’t you spend your same time and effort identifying bugs (such as this without the shame game, notice his rep is all screwed up as well), errors and issues within the game, and sending them directly to the developers who take months to fix anything…every day counts with them.


#fakenews, known visual bug, here’s his actual weapon name and weapon, DoubleDose is legit and shouldn’t be defamed this way.

Please report/scan all players/factions but don’t take away from the legit ones.


Still confused how only his weapon is bugged.

Don’t matter to be honest…but I’ve seen 0 other visual weapon bugs…just his.


I don’t really care much either, but do you guys realize you are stepping on eachothers’ toes right?
Falcon posted a screenshot as if the crits is only 40, then Sly posted a different one as if crits is actually 45, just a different weapon… where is the visual bug? stats? weapon? both?
…it also seems like DD’s acct is really fkd’ up.
But then again, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. :wink:

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he has 2 1 with 45 one with 40

2 perfect weapons…wow.

Tell him to pass the luck on over…

That’s amazing with how much these new weapons are failing on people to have 2 perfectly modded.