More varnishes please

please Scopely, give us more varnishes!

at the moment I’m writing one can get varnish

  • spending € 21,99 on the shop for 1 varnish (plus blowtorch, engine grease and tokens)
  • pulling the epic cache wheel for 220 coins with a 5% chance to get 1 [no sense]
  • on the league store for 2 varnish a week and spending 4.000 (four thousands!) coins for 2 more
  • reaching diamond 2 (3 varnishes)
  • fighting 550 war battles (5 varnishes)
  • reaching top 6 in champions arena [top players stuff only]

This means that a “normal” player can get 2 varnishes a week + a bonus of 8 varnishes if he works hard both in wars and arenas during a period of 2 months.

This is less than 3 tries a week for an epic weapon effects with such a low chance of success. Frustrating.

I’m not asking to have optional parts for free but just to give people more chances to craft weapons… let me say at least 5/6 tries a week.



You know how scopely works and what matters in the Game beide New S Class?? Weapons?!! It’s all about weapons and what do you need to craft good once Weapon Token and parts like Varnish. For sure Scope makes Cash with that. No way to get more Varnish for free. Dreams will not come true if it means Scope is involved


unfortunately I know the way it works with this company foolya :pensive: I’ve played many games in the last 10/15 years and I’ve never seen such a greedy management.

you are right: weapons are a game-changing factor at the moment, not something we can ignore and Scopely knows it.
I would even accept to spend some cash in the game (stupid me) but in normal games you spend € 21,99 and you get something… here you spend € 21,99 to get a 0,000x% chance to get something. Unacceptable.

I remember I was able to craft weapons continuously in the past, now my armories are taking dust.

You want more ?
Use gold in league store problem solved .
Don’t expect everything for free.

to you think that 4.000 coins is an honest price for 2 varnishes?

Of course it’s not man.
You didn’t get what I was pointing for.
However you mentioned it.
All scopley’s price are ridiculously high when it comes to gold

ok I got it :slight_smile:

I thought it was one of those “oh don’t complain, I have 3.470 in my inventory so it is not a problem at all” replies that I often read on this forum.

I have 48 grease and 27 varnish. But what I want to say, please push to get more available.

I have crafted the epic skills (or level4 special skills) very rarely, as tokens are quite hard to get. But I have finished some groundwork and will try going for cleanse and rampage, so expect my stock will be reduced to single digits or even zero very quickly (though with “only” 160k tokens I will most likely run out of them faster than out of the crafting materials)

Yes please hard to get them now

You are complete right, it’s absolute greedy and things like this here make me thought about. But i spend and i got some nice crafts. I wish Scope would do things better but there us so many Cash Flow bc Weapons…

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At least you can get Varnish in league store, where the duce do you get silver paint from? Thats what I want to know.

I used mine all up trying for a healing stun, and when the pop up happened saying i needed parts, I checked and saw I had no silver paint, all goods I figured, I will pop into the league store and grab some, nope none there, thats fine I will craft some some, nope cannot be done, ok then… I will dismantle some weapons, with the recycler terry, nope no joy there, shop… oh look 1 for 5k assault tokens, oh look a road map once a week where I can get one awesome! Will Gather Glenn give me a silver Paint? YaY! He dropped one - one! Over a 5 week period, good job Glenn, well done.

Damn armoury and Earl! Messing up all my crafts …

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Is silver paint a base item or crit item craft optional success bonus part?

I was extremely lucky with healing stun (one sword that I also put 15/35 on and two lucilles) with maybe 3rd to 5th try on each, can’t remember even using any silver paints at any time. They drop fron SR, when I level up, etc.

I’m just dreading what parts I will run out of when we get special territories (aiming for shipwreck or the hunter base that gives the crit chance success boost, then I’ll burn all blowtorches trying for cleanse and rampage). So far it looks I am pretty well stashed on everything, but your experience has a tinge of Damocles’ sword to it, one that could be universally appliacable to all players…

Its a base item, have to have it to make a healing stun or the other main use is if you run out of ceramic shards then you use Silver paint to make those.

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