More update for The Walking Road The Survival

Good evening Scopely I came to make a complaint to you I have been playing for 6 months already The Walking Road The Survival and every time comes new character but it is very difficult to get it I’m not asking to get easier but at least update one good of both characters 5 star to ascendivel and other 4 star to 5 star and also we are wanting that has the character of the series Daryl and at least the game start to get more balanced for people who spend money in the game and who do not spend the have more event to get characters 5 star ascendable and to get coins also but do not come with a character event that is almost impossible to achieve that is a challenge that is already at a level S5 team and get to get character 5 ascendable and not come with a goal to get an item that can not get the items just to make the event of the character 5 ascendable

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Those who want Daryl or any other character from the series play

This game is only for the true TWD fans, because it is based on the comics


You realise you are commenting on a thread of somebody who just claimed they want this?

To the OP, Scopely don’t have the rights to use the characters that are exclusively on the TV series.

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You realize that he uses exaggeration as a rhetorical figure?

I do, but you understand he/she is a troll that also calls out other people’s exaggerations as literal? Can’t have it both ways.


Are you gatekeeping? Lmao.


Could you please explain what that means? Sorry, but I’m not a native speaker.



No, I am obviously not gatekeeping. I did not do anything in that description

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sure seems that way


Oh, you misunderstood it. I just described how it is. I have no problem with people who are not real fans of TWD because they only know/like the series playing this game. I don’t want to keep them out.

If I say that fans of the whopper eat at Burger King and fans of the Bic Mac eat at McDonald’s it’s the same thing and not gatekeeping neither, right? Or did I understand your definition wrong?

You are not more of a fan, or any less of a fan of liking either the show or the comics.

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I never said anything like “more of”. The word I used was “true”

There is no such thing as a “true” fan.

Of course there are. Every fan of the true TWD (the comics) is a true fan of TWD

You are trolling.
I am not talking with you anymore.

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I am not. I am only explaining simple things to you because you have big problems understanding simple things. Not my fault. I just try to be helpful.

Sorry that you misunderstood

You realize it doesnt matter what you say on the internet right?

Try telling that to the admin who deletes my posts.