More tires please?

Before you trolls come in and say “you should have been dedicated to the event” or “should have done the roadmap everyday” some people have lifes that can be more important then a game so with that being said id like to ask our lovely moderators such as @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely for a crate that offers tires for the people who are 300 off like myself from getting a toon, the event is almost over so what harm would it do beside give yall more revenue? Thanks again though :grin:

You should have done the roadmal everyday


Pay $$$$$$$$$$$$ Or Pay

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Luv you tho :joy::kissing_closed_eyes:

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Im willing to coin out if they had crates

Step 1. Transfer to a new region as this resets your milestones for events

Step 2. Get a key and batteries from milestones again

Step 3. Do one of the roadmaps you have not done and get the tires needed

I get not leaving your faction, region, etc and i get crw is coming but damn bruce or sandy was worth moving for me as i was able to get an extra key and get the 500 tires i needed to get bruce as you said some of us dont live in the game and i missed crusin twice and ran outta raid cans, wasnt gonna make it but just barely did and soon i will have a bruce maxed out and not have to worry about stun or impair guns and absolute defense :hugs:

Ahhhh the lovely people have lives comment. My favorite!! I do hope they give you the offer though. Would suck to be so close.


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