More team slots PLEASE!


Can we please get more team slots added or team slots for specific features?

It’s really difficult to juggle scavenger missions, territories, farming, drop defense, and war defense and war tower teams when we need multiples of these for each game mode, especially when territories has teams get knocked out so you may need to scrap that team entirely for future use to create room to make a replacement team.

It also really drives me up a wall when I have to recreate the same teams like thirty times over during SR tournaments, SR needs it’s own tab of teams we can save for use.

@Agrajag @kalishane @CombatMan @CombatDevIl if y’all can please let us know if this is feasible or in the works that would be great, this would be a big quality improvement IMO, hopefully others who feel the same way will chime in.


And also be able to move teams up and down the ladder. Like move a 14 team to 2 spot and vice versa.


He might be gone. But his idea will live!


He’s not dead fyi, just suspended. Felt it necessary to provide that clarification. :rofl:




Good. He made the legendary Albert’s Promises thread. Can’t send him to the depot


Throw back to when we had 3 teams max


Since ya’ll seem to be in an updating mood lately and we’re in middle of another SR Tourney just thought I’d throw this back out and see if anybody wants to hop on the bandwagon.

Let’s get some more teams and improved layout - ability to move teams up and down the ladder.