More roster slots, yeah?

Can we make it happen? With all these 5* token toons im holding as fodder for 6*s i need more space. Same with tons of other people, so can we increase the roster space?


More roster slots and more saveable team slots.

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How do you need roster room my holds 380 buy roster spots if you didn’t

Im at max, well over max actually. So many 5*, benedicts, basils, and over 90 brady’s not to mention the countless burts we are getting from territories

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I bought them all, i’m more concerned with team slots personally but more roster slots would be good too, makes holding onto trainers and fodder easier without hitting the character ceiling to continue getting character drops.

Oh got you I burn them up a lot during level I wish I can trade 9 4* trainers for 1 5* trainer


Well really there save for my dick acts of knocking people out of top 7 with 15 mins or less left haha


Think they need a new way of storing toons.
Maybe some sort of folder to keep the ones you don’t use but want to keep.

Plenty of collectors play.
Many a whale are collectors.

Trainers shouldn’t occupy roster space. That could be a solution.


Add a barracks building where toons that you want to keep but don’t need to use can be moved to.

Also, a good reason to expand the town to make room for it.

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A storage building would be nice, that way you can store trainers, survivors, wood and food. Kinda like a bank, without losing half of the food or wood. They could max how much you could store there, too.


I think that’s a fantastic idea. Seems simple enough, too.

I think that a lot of times, Scopely overcomplicates things by trying to monetize every new game element. Sometimes, they need to fix stupid issues that should never have been issues to begin with.

-Trainers shouldn’t be taking up our valuable Roster space.
-When you are in the business of selling toons, why would you even want a cap on the amount we can possess?
-There are a number of small changes that could be made that would give us something to use our millions and millions of Materials (Wood) on, but it seems like it’s never going to happen.

A good solution would be to create that Storage Building that the above post mentions in our towns, and make it so it costs us Wood every time we want to store something (expand the storage).

about 200+ 5 stars in my roster.

Then all the trainers…
THe actives, the liliths adens…

Nowadays all the burts bradies they recently gave us.

I’m full!

Next lvl up will have to kill all the trainers!

It was insulting when Scopely decided to devalue all of the 5stars that we’ve spent thousands of dollars on. Realizing that you now have to start selling those 5stars just to accommodate trainers, and Legendary toons … just ridiculous tbf

When 800$ is equal to 1100 supply points…or 11 world refills… smh

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The wood idea here is 1 let me get rid of some workshops that more than 1 is worthless and make a land that I can exchange wood into food even if I get back 50% I’ll do it in a second

Trainers cant be leveled so the simple solution would be to make them stack and add a number to them for how many we have. Since this is a simple and easy solution it will never happen.

Assuming there is a limit. I am currently at 320. Scopely loves money so why limit the spaces?

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In your shop go to the General Tab and move all the way to the right side past the blacked out spots, plenty of cap space for sale.

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Nope bought it all…back in the old days.

Would still like more.
Collectors need it.