More realistic teams


A single team cannot have multiple characters in it… e.g. 3 erikas. Could even go as far as no multiple versions of a toon… e.g. Rick survival road and Rick whispers into screams… might see more creative teams.


I agree this zombie game that lets toons be raised from the dead should be more realistic. Also once a toon gets killed it should be erased from your roster.


It would absolutely be more interesting if teams were build on skills instead of credit cards.


No it wouldnt. There would still be things to complain about… This game isn’t about skill, it’s about time, luck, and yes money… but if you took the money part out of it, it still wouldn’t require much skill. Take the money aspect away and all you have is a bunch of people running the same teams and saturating the market. Hate it or love it, it is a necessary evil too allow folks to build better roster with money. Keep in mind, I don’t spend, so I understand the struggle, but there are ways around most obstacles and the ones that there aren’t ways around, you just have to wait until there is.


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