More racists in event chat

This is sad that you can’t even enjoy chatting in a game without having to deal with hateful racists speech. Yes it is easy to block, but we shouldn’t have to. We should be safe from hate in a game that many people from different races, nationalities, and ethnicities all over the world play. I wish I could trust scopely to do something by reporting this person, but I don’t so I will just share this here. There was plenty more of this type of talk @kalishane


Sorry but instant ban is not the right thing!
Permanent life ban!


Much Agreed

I remember him from a while ago when he joined bulloch to just plaster racist stuff

Some crws before, we had an idiot in event chat posting swastikas. If I’m right, a noob from Coosa. He got reported a lot but nothing happened.

It sounds like a drunk bag O’ douche looking for attention. My bet is, the person can’t score a point in war but has the ability to talk smack in chat…


Sent several screenshots of similar abuse to Kalishane, no reply. That was during last CRW…

He already has part of a thread about him.

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Dude sounds like a troll posting that stuff to trigger people.

Looks like it worked though.


Yeah. I think it’s a troll too. I see s lot of that on twitter

Can we get this guy permanently banned from the game please?

Honestly making this thread and the angry replies is what makes him satisfied. He wants yall to react this way. Best to just ignore it. Morons will be morons.


It mostly making the thread in the first place but yeah, best to let the discussion die over time.


the game kinda requires “ingame chat managers” if possible.
I don’t know how common it is for mobile games, but most console games have people called “gamemasters”, and they put idiots to the right place.

On the other hand, you can tell these people are kids, so don’t take them seriously…I have seen this behaviour numerous times in the past.

And this peace of sh** is still in the game?
Come on ban him WTF is wrong with ppl?

Online interactions have not been rated by the ESRB

I’m sorry, but the idea of ignoring it or trolls will be trolls is one of the reasons why this type of stuff continues.


Yeah, I fully agree, he should be banned because his behavior is beyond ridiculous. But the best course of action is to screenshot what he says and send it to @kalishane like she said in the other post so she can put everything together to try and get something to happen. I think post like this should defiantly happen, but unfortunately at the end of the day it just ends up negative for the people who post here. Moonman, will end up seeing this post, try to find you in game to threaten you, if you block him in global and from messaging you there, he will find you on other social media to threaten you, and if that doesn’t work he will make other accounts to harass you even further.


It’s only going to take for one of these psychos to take it a step further and actually harm someone in real life, and then everyone will then be in an uproar and not saying ignore it or it’s just a troll. And people will be asking why wasn’t something done to prevent this when its too late.


Welcome to Franklin unfortunately Moon has destroyed GC for us I can’t even look at it anymore it’s rediculous he is still around. I’ve played since the beginning and he has been there as long as I can remember.

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