More powerful vs more active...deceptive terminology with an ulterior motive?

I am nearing the end of a month-long break from the game and got a heads up from friends regarding the need to prioritize a search for a new home region. The scouts are out…searching, assessing, seeking and speaking.

Odds are it won’t matter how much research and scouting we do. Regardless of how those regions look today, once transfers begin, the landscape could be completely different. Turned on its head, not only by an exodus of factions to Wave 1 regions and realignments within Wave 2 itself, but also an influx of factions from across the Wave 3 regions. Each one fleeing the prophesied doom of a dying region. But…are they truly dying, or is this simply a ploy to corral players into more densely populated regions via fearmongering, half-truths, whispered gossip and lies of omission? Are we seeing the genesis of a self fulfilling prophecy that will guarantee, not only a greater profit for Scopely, but lesser rewards for the players in general?
I do not know. None of us do. What I do know is that without transparency and a clear plan of action on Scopely’s behalf, their motives are suspect. Actually, given their track record, their motives are suspect to many, regardless.
Perhaps I’m too paranoid or simply too reticent to leave. Sentimentality struck me and I spent an excessive amount of time scrolling down the solo SR leaderboard. Waaaaay down…so many inactive and forgotten names scattered amongst the actives. Contributors and dilettantes alike. I stopped scrolling around 2800, but the list continued. Maybe we are dying or perhaps that’s simply the nature of the beast in mobile gaming…I don’t know.
I suspect the next round of transfers in October will funnel even more players into these same areas. A continuous glut of players vomited upon an ever decreasing area of “choice”. Depending on the outcome of the current transfer window, perhaps Wave 3 regions will be in line for an influx of their own in the next iteration…or Scopely may choose to scrape the last holdouts from these regions as if they were the dried remnants of dogshit on their shoe.
The end game would be nice to know so factions and individuals could plan accordingly. Many feel they have no option but to transfer, lest they be trapped in a region marked for elimination. Tell us if you plan to close our regions. Give us time to evaluate our options. Let us plan accordingly. Issue transfer keys to those without so we may move en masse without abandoning the bonds we have built.

At this moment, not sure what I regret more…my hiatus, or my return.


Dead regions are the best. Less effort for better rewards. There are no AoW or Blitz so inregion activity doesn’t matter. And even if there was one every 2months, it will be still worth it. Unfortunately for me I’m stuck in a wave 1 region.

Regions only really matter for aow and blitz, neither of which scopely run any more. More and more of the game is going league based.

My main English-speaking region is full of confusion, misunderstanding, panic and stupidity, as well as good dose of some of the “best” players proving themselves incapable of anything other than sheep mentality (i’m Leaving because everyone else is going too). I wonder what this announcement about transfers is designed to distract us from.

I think you’re on to something there, the ol misdirect. They set the current state of things up by running the long con with toc, to get factions to move who probably wouldn’t have if they had known they’d be on a one way ticket from their home regions.

Said it in a few posts. Here is what we do know or others need to know:

  1. After they did everyone dirty in last weeks arena champion rd. They put platinun leagues with diamond leagues. They put gold leagues in with silver leagues. If they cared about players not being destroyed by superior players then they wouldnt have done this in arenas - since they did, the bs about region transfer set up being a way to protect regions is a complete lie.

  2. Plenty people looked at previous crws. Many wave 3 factions took 1st and filled up top 10 standings. We all know plenty of big time players that are in wave 3.

  3. What is obvious they used toc through lies and deception to get competitive factions to toc. These factions are all now stuck in wave 1 - ensuring that these factions will see each other a whole lot more.

The sad thing is we all know they need to cut down on dead servers/regions however this is not the way to do it. This company is despicable asf.


Even back in the 1st CoW… Many of the factions that won entry didn’t join because they wouldn’t be allowed back to their original region.

For a while now scopes has been trying to bait big factions into the whale-feeding-zones.

Trouble is that everyone realizes that there is no cake.
Scopes won’t ever reward people with stuff they want them to buy. Rewards are a joke for all


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