More Players quitting ... Revise the game Scopely


After another War weekend finished unfortunately i feel it my duty to let you know that a percentage of more players in the number 1 faction has decided to call it quits on this game. Some just decided it wasnt worth their time/money whilst others just wanted to move down to very low activity factions and play free and casual until the boredom takes over and ultimately turns their game off without acknowledging anyone.

Most of us here in the community are openly constructive with our comments, they dont want to see the game failing or dying, they would rather it became fun again and challenged players or even made it worthwhile to spend their money on your goods your selling…

I’m Going to try and constructively inform your devs how best to implement what you already have BUT make it worthwhile for ALL of your playerbase to continue playing the game.

  1. Rewards

This understandably is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your game and needs a complete overhaul.

Since your inclusion of the 6* ascendance meta there has been NO event with Great Rewards

During the 5* Meta of the game we would run a full weekend of war, coining and buying refills etc even buying premier recruits to raise the bar, many players in lower factions done the same, you would have maybe 1 to 3 amazing players with great teams in certain factions who would throw you a curve ball and might get a surprising loss from them due to there being a lot of choice for a defence team.

once you finished a 3 day weekend war during the 5* days you were given the highest bar of that meta … We would see toons like Lester or Erin coupled with walkies and schoolbags … basically the highest percentage your game would give out in terms of its meta base line …

We even got the bad toons but we kept them, levelled them up etc because it all gelled into one motion for events. We would even see rare occasions of 5* toons with gear and 5* tokens etc further bettering players incentive to do better.

Since the introduction of the 6* the wars were placed on hold for an undisclosed amount of time, this had many players up in arms with not much else left to do but wait as you were “bug Fixing” at the time. This in turn brought the day of the level ups.

Once War made a comeback the rewards were not at the level we all hoped for, 5* tokens for a randomly awarded character. over the weeks these rewards were getting progressively worse to the point where 8 weeks later the rewards were 45% less than where we started with the reintroduction

Why “MOST” players arent happy with this and are turning to quitting or dropping out competing in the game is because there is No push for 1st place.

Why spend money and time going to war for 3 days when the difference between 1st and 2nd place is 1,500 x 5* tokens and an extra crate of gear. We lost 3 high ranking players in our faction alone that weekend and by my count 14 in global in other regions.

Cross Region war where previously we were given the chance for a yellow maggie with bonus HP and command. This made all regions fight hard and play better, the last CRW, we had a mass strike or quit from many players in the region to where that the 1st night we got 4 wars completed out of a possible 15-20. If the rewards arent good/great or better you will lose interest, you will lose competition and you will lose revenue from those players.

The Solution is to Not Starve players of what they need, we understand you dont want to flood the game with the Legendary gears to tier 4 these 6* But you also cant expect players to jump at the prospect of winning a walkie or even a flak in major events … This is what’s killing YOUR fame.

We were promised an ascendable character during wars and we have yet been made good on that promise so many wars in. Infact it was stated many months ago we would win characters each war that will be ascended … too which we have not had 1 to this day.

This needs to rectified as soon as possible. We havent seen any leaks of Spencer 6* which lead most of us seasoned players believe that Spencer was NEVER a 6* Ascendable character. We would like more clarification and a new excuse why he wont be offered or any other toon next war … you owe us that much

  1. The Promise of newer characters (OLD PREMIER RECRUITS) has not yet been met

This has brought the game to a crawl due to there being similar rosters now with the same set up, you have a few players with the purchased legendaries but they are in their small numbers, i even tried some mega pulls to no joy, this has lead to the game becoming very stale and slow. Only Carl and mirabelle teams running during war.

Solution, Bring out new 6* quicker otherwise a larger percentage will be GONE before 2018

  1. Faction Assault

Whilst this is new and has a level of fun and niche to it, the assault tickets are extremely high for participation …

The rundown on this should be more like Survival Road, to gain these tickets to play youre looking at farming 1,350 a day each player which isnt normally done by any faction … This all leads up to tier 5 which will take over a week or more of farming non stop … To then finding most of faction assault is a greed game just like the old time war sniping.

The end result is an RNG crate where you may NEVER get any of the items to gain Tara …

if you do you need 5 of each and you will need 5 flare guns or more to upgrade each tier.

I think personally a redesign on the structure of the game is needed to carry this game and its community for a longer period of time

Balls in your court


they dont care about the players or this community. This forum is just for us to vent and throw ideas around. They wont change shit until it effects $$$$. until then keep surviving and get used to the new changes.


Scopely is stuck in that 6* gear phase. Want to tier 4 your 6*? Just get 2 million points in level up and here ya go, a single piece of gear.


Regarding rewards…I think they are setup just as Scopely wishes them to be. They promised changes to the rewards system; those changes just aren’t what many of us had hoped for.

They chose to cater to the lower-ranked factions and their constant complaints about only the top factions getting good rewards. They lowered the top rewards and upped the low rewards, resulting in very little difference in the ranks.

The result is that top factions are no longer pulling away from the lower factions, as they are not getting free, high quality, unique toons on a bi-weekly basis. I believe this change was one of Scopely’s primary goals with the whole 6-star rollout.

These days, the best way to compete is to spend. Everything you need to build strong 6-star teams can be bought. Benedicts, gear, premier toons, etc. And that’s why war rewards are so uninteresting to top players. Top players tend to be spenders, and they’re already buying the stuff that’s being offered as rewards. If you want to get spenders interested in rewards, then they need to be something they can’t get anywhere else.


This, imo, is a real problem. Despite everything (you listed yourself) they are making money from their poor treatment of the player base.


Abosutely correct ^^ :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1:


Im here b4 they decide to delete this thread


Well beside prizes, whole war system that reqs you to coin (there is no other way to repair, that is without the doubt) got many to reduce activity after many “give it a chance” tries so after thinning - we got 6*s. That gave whole process new, increased pace and today my region is on min spending and min effort, except 3 whales that hit enough for appartment sizevspending year ago. Scopely can try to change system (which I’m sure they won’t) or continue to push like they do now. Frankly even whales are bored with game content.


Pretty apparent that they don’t even care about all these players quitting.


The only way they will ever care or we will see change is when all the morons dropping 1000’s of dollars for horrible rng chances stop. We LEGIT ALL need to go on a stop spending money tip, just so we can have our complaints be heard and then addressed in a reasonable time, in a reasonable way.

It really is the ONLY way we will EVER see change for the better or get not only what we want but what we should and deserve. As it is right now, we don’t even get any respect. Week after week, day after day the exact same complaints get posted, over and over and over again. Yet nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets done.

I for one am officially on a stop spending $ game plan and i urge others to do the same. There is strength in numbers and all scopley cares about is our $$$ Until we ALL stand up and hit them where it really matters, nothing will ever change.

They actually prevent you from posting the words referring to a large scale lack of spending idea. Try it yourself, company is nothing but a joke and complete scam. Freedom of speech my a**


Mate please revise your post cause calling to “strike” is causing “thread delete” and “bans”. Cheers


During the whole Viktor-gate, kalis gave a good insight that Scopely ‘Lost’ a great deal during the affair.
Meaning, they view giving out prizes as liabilities and are trying to limit prize-creep as it eats into revenues.

IMO, There are two major issues:

  1. The effect of Long term Distribution of prizes.
    …tournament prizes have always been: 1st) 100%, 2nd) 70%, 3-5th) 50%, and so on… over 2+ years, this has created the top faction in every region that is out of reach to everyone else. That top faction now expects to be fed at that rate and will always soak up that top prize. (see below chart) They are the most likely to quit, as war gets boring. While they are also likely very pissed about, they are also the ones saying they have already ascended a 10-12 already… so they are loaded with 5* fodder to be okay. Historical-US-Income-Inequality-Current-Dollars-2

  2. Prizes (and in-game rewards) not keeping up with the new economy of Ascension
    …5*s are essentially now just 6star fodder, while they have amped up the competition line, they havent adequately beefed up any other (except for tournament rewards) to match. All those other features are mostly worthless to put in the effort.


Dont forget watching those tapjoy videos gives them money too… Stop feeding this company and they will listen.


There i re-edited my post to not use those specific phrases, yet imply the same thing. They can ban/delete this if they want,but i have every right to express myself in any manner i see fit. As long as i am not threatening/bullying,hurtful,racist,bigot etc etc etc.


Scopely doesn’t care about those, only wallet stuff, you can be racist or whatever in game as much as you like lol, I haven’t seen anyone got banned for that.


Overall I feel that the game is actually more fun and intresting again. The only problem is that the rewards. Every time it’s posted it just belittle the player base to quitting. And does not motivate faction to fight eachother. So war become extremely boring. Especially the regular region war. CRW is a little better but with the right setup of rewards. It could be so much more. Scopley is just shooting them self in the foot, and leaving money on the table.


I’m not sure Scopley want to keep there player base…

As for rewards.
You won’t be seeing exclusive 6s like in the old days with 5s.
And tbh. I agree.
Almost anybody in a region would sell out there teammates, factions and most likely there mums to be in top faction getting those top rewards.
Keeping the strong strong and rewarding sell outs.
While members loyal to lower factions or weaker stayed weak.
This killed regions and had top faction no longer needing to spend and lower factions knowing there wasn’t any point.

You will not get the rewards you seek.
Isn’t going to happen
Wish Scopley would just put it to bed…so you could decide to stay or quit.

(Not saying the rewards are great or milestones atm but I agree with no crazy top rewards.


They failed to deliver their promise of allowing us to earn fodder 5*s in tournaments.


Can’t read, too much space between letters. But seriously don’t give them oportunity for hammer and thread closing


Just re-word it to mean/say the same thing. Thats what i did.