MORE Players left the game, dropping like family during zombie outbreak


If there is no see-able future for better rewards people are going to leave … why is this not relating to staff members who have a choice on what is prize structures.

You are only appeasing the small masses who want something then and there, you aren’t building a path for the games future.

People moan about ascendance tokens and after a week you release 2 maybe 3 events with very small amounts to keep certain players happy until they need the “NEXT” in game item to push themselves forward

Its not enough to throw an event that has whats considered decent 1st place to whatever place, No its become the same event for next to nothing on rewards

As a player who started 2 years ago i knew when we had a chance to farm those tokens to go for it hard, there would be a time when they are needed.

We understand theres a business model to adhere to for making money but you are now currently monetising every aspect of the game, you are alienating your free to play players whilst over burdening your spenders with “needs” to the game.

To release an event where main prize is 1/9 of a character to ascend to 6* and 40 gold ascend tokens or 60 whichever was first place (300 needed) its quickly putting people off who were never moaning about the game but just playing grinding and winning.

You are destroying the game by enforcing a small supply and demand chain of rewards.

Since the 6* introduction you have wiped off competitiveness …

The only ones competing are the ones who have the want to prove themselves as ive spoken to many and most dont even look at the rewards once the leaks come through. My teammate had to go through all rewards unclaimed from events such as war etc before they expired,

Your player base arent idiots (most anyway) they want to play the game, they want to endorse its future, within reasons. They understand business needs and what you get out of this game etc

BUT the claims of newer rewards and toons, older toons becoming 6* that arent being fulfilled are being met with disdain and frustration.

You have players waiting on a 5* roster of 100-200+ without having confidence of saying this character wont ascend, i can use this to ascend my new Carl/shiva etc … This is why many are even bothering for benedicts… once they see after waiting so long that 75% of their roster if not more will not or never be ascendable all the waiting, all the milestones or competing for bendicts will come back to bite you on the ass.

The current set up is to withhold information on collections/rewards/milestones so that the weaker minded players will have the only palpable option in their minds to spend real money for yet a really really small chance at weak rewards in loot crates.

To which i also want to address …

The game is over 2 years old now, you are still pricing up old gear at stupidly steep prices, not that i know anyone who buys them but at this point in the game you need to revise this as well,

NOBODY except the very weak minded players who probably have an ever increasing sad addictive manner will spend £47 on 4 bags where the prize could be a GPS or a 6* Gear all the way down to an alpen stock because we ALL know 99% of the time the lower gear will Always be the outcome. i actually know 2 players who spent $200 and $900 on these bags respectively and they only got 1 legendary item of gear, so was unable to tier 4 a character … you know what happened to one of those players … yep, they quit. This is something you as a company will have to answer for in the near future as these type of “loot” crates are purely a gamble of digital items. With digital purchases you are meant to be supplying items in that particular field of equal value.

I understand you still value 3* Lee or Glenn at $10 as you advertised on a previous advertisement months ago but this just isnt the case. You have cleverly started a new game Road to Survival 2 where a players previously purchased or hard fought to obtain has basically been null and voided only to have as a supporting role in a 6* team or for food to obtain any kind of fight in this new meta of the game … basically angering a very large percentage of your customer base ( the amount of people who have already quit is evidence of this) But these kind of values just arent relative in this new game… I remember when you had coin sales and you would offer items such as red viles and shirts with 1 burt and place a 1,500 coin value on the whole purchase when even researching for 2 minutes would show

High Replenish 120 coins
replenish 30 coins

even a burt can be bought for 250 supply points which is 2 3* Sales, 500 coins to obtain 260 supply points,

This never added up to the correct amount even when you are charging a crazily high amount for items not needed in this game.


This only works if theres something worth competing for…


Why not add a care package for war …

its not perfect, not ascendance material BUT its something worth Trialling out for players and see where it takes you

you recently gave out in beta rewards with 10 or more epics to help with faction assault…

1 toon was Mirabelle (Great as in beta its hard to get good toons)

Why not have a war where theres more than 5 epics in them, this boosts player morale, player spirit and player activity

Imagine having a war where you gain something to level up and play right away or when a delayed level up comes along … This is what we liked previously.


1st place - 8 Benedicts - 500 Gold Ascendance - 1 Crate with Blue Carl/Michonne (tough) Theresa/ OG Michonne etc BUT not a gamble at 1 … reward ALL those characters

Same for 2nd place … minus 1 from each tier, 1 less benedict, 1 less epic, 50 tokens minused

and so on… This is and what war needs, to be worth the time and attention because in its current state, people are logging out and not being as active, moving down to casual factions or taking their money to other games. Heck in some cases people are just quitting and spending time and money with their Families … do you really want that Scopely lol JK

But in all seriousness, PLAYERS KNOW you can change things, we’ve witnessed changes in game before/during events… why not get your november events through then restructure your December events accordingly (not mid December, 1st December)

Balls in your court guys, i for one am always playing, always farming, spending money on refills and right now im on 0 world energy with no desire to buy any more, and im not saying im quitting but i know i will drop from my faction, go free to play until my general interest in this game will suffer and will only play for either nostalgia sake or complete boredom when im not at my computer or consoles … or family



Well said… But i don’t think they care lol :joy: few weeks ago we lost 5 players, few week ago 2, because we faced hacker region with full teams of 6* t4, couldn’t handle the pressure and it was only frustrating and not fun at all… This week we nearly lost 1,but it’s not over yet. Next month am quiting also, because this game became blah and dull

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I was in top faction. 4 long term players left this week, including mine self, 3 more Retiring after war. Good luck.



That’s just sad, good game gone so bad



its the same in my region, ive seen the team leader go and some of the best players in the region. Sad



the game is fucking dead



Perfect. 🖒

The Situation gets worser and worser every few weeks. My Top 1 faction lost many members (since Crw came back). We have one, sometimes 2 places free and play for weeks with one placeholder. This placeholder wants to play less activ but stays as long as we need him. Besides him 3 other members wanted to play less active, 2 maybe come back in few months but weren’t sure if they eventuelly quit. 1 is taking a break but also weren’t sure if he will eventuelly quit. 5 members completly stoped playing, 2 of them have completely destroyed their accounts. In total we lost 8 (old) members so far, the 9th just can’t leave.

We still get new members but it takes time… 1 of 4 new players stopped playing, 3 of 4 decided to go back to their former factions because they prefer to play with their ppl (atm the prices are not worth the effort in a top faction).

We are still strong and not just my faction have to face this problem but our motivation gets less and less…



after all, maybe this is what Scopely want , probably they just can´t hold up anymore this game in long term, so they are doing everything to make people angry and quit by themself.

because they know if they take the iniciative to tell people that the game will break up and end, the player will ask for refund. ( refund = problem for scopely ) so this is the fastest way to make people quit.

I believe more than 70% of player nowaday are not enjoying this game, they keep playing just because all thoses time and money spent before, and they are looking some possibilities of chance in this game. Unfortunatelly more hope = more frustration …

In the end, this is just a game, sholdn´t take it so serious, even more this game don´t give you any real reward as some other game do.

the only one thing I want to say is … all those time and money invested are gone, now you can decide what to do will the time and money incoming !!

Good Luck everyone !!

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I don’t really believe Scopely is honestly screwing themselves on purpose. I could say what I think is the reason Scopely is doing what their doing, but I may get banned for being mean. But yea, they are screwing this game super quickly and its because they aren’t listening and putting the player/customer first. No, they aren’t. They are doing whatever they wish, and giving us super crappy rewards.

People don’t even want to log on anymore (happened to a very active member of my faction who keeps in touch on LINE) because there is no reason too. The tournaments are boring and most of the time, not worth the effort.