More P2P Red Velvet Cake collections

Another week, another pair of P2P Red velvet cake collections.

VK has confirmed Raven and payback Negan

Scopley: helping widen the gap by putting profit before progress


Haven’t they did Raven multiple times!


Yes. But why worry about that when there are profits to worry about?

Finally a toon that i have :sunglasses:

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Had her once, like Zach before he came again. I have Raven, but still think that they should definitely have put some F2P collection up.

Has Negan been up before?

We just had a F2P collection this week, didn’t we?

Nah they were Promos☹️ Zach and one other

I don’t know what you’ve been smoking but I want some

Yeah Laopo, a F2P character.

Ha ha yes :joy::+1:

I got her completely F2P (final scavenge for 6* max coming in a few hours before the collection ends). The only thing you needed to do was realize that this was obviously going to happen, and grab her in time.

All I can say is I have Pete, 2 Priya, Laipo all sclass Wangfa, 2 hyien F2P apart from Sc but let’s face it most still don’t have Pete, so I’m saying it’s not really F2P toons yet, it’s only for the few🤗

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Once only, you mean Zachary has been up multiple times.

I don’t have any of these toons. I had 6* Priya for the collection, will have 6* Laopo for the collection, got 5* Raulito yesterday and will get 5* Hengyen as soon as I figure out the best combination of choice boxes to open and whether it makes sense to win a levelup for cakes. (Skipping Raulito for levelup rewards makes me think they might skip him for cake collection as well, so I want to be prepared for both possibilities).

Three weeks since Priya collection means 21 runs of the 30 bag map and 3 runs of the torch map for around 1000 collectibles. 333 cakes from Last words, 450 from Onslaught even if your fac didn’t make the final milestone, and a few from Michonne/Typhoon (or older choice bags) would get you there. Not to mention the tournament rewards, which of course not all F2P (but definitely some) can get.

Not everyone got Michelle, Piper etc. and those toons were F2P. Everyone who wanted to have a chance use their cakes has had a very fair chance to do so. Priya was admittedly harder, because it was not clear they would do this, so like me some may have had to powerlevel her in a week.


Actually if they’re repeating collection toons now, it’s not that bad. Save up those F2P coins for a guarantee and you can utilize that character via red velvet cake multiple times going forward.

Yeah, because it’s a solid F2P tactic to blow coins on defunct 6 stars.

The meta right now is a total copy of the early 6 star meta, in the sense that at that time it was still viable to run some high powered 5 stars. But, just like then, the all-S-Class meta is approaching so wasting 20k coins on the chance to repeat a collection is probably not a wise strategy long term.


So did I buy it doesn’t mean she is available to every free to play player

Raven was just up I collected on her few weeks ago on my secondary account.

Think this is Ravens 3rd time in this collection, jeez