More or less torches?

Just a thought. There are now 2 rm that uses 326 torches total on a daily basis ,if we play regularly and from events we get like 75 or 150 depending on the number of events and have to wait almost 2 days for the next round.
So should there be a decrese in the amount of torches these rms use or an increase in the torches we get from event milestones? Or a daily rm from where we can get some torches?

Btw im totally happy with these new rms good job scopely!

I’d like to see the world energy cost cut. More so than torches. Torches you can just select the act with the cards you want in


Why can’t it be both


World energy requirement of 28 for a 30 card box is actually pretty reasonable.

I’ve been really miffed when they introduced the 166 torch cost previously (changed from 130), but got used to it. Since the separate acts are for separate toon cards (assuming main reason is not to overflow the choicebox), having two is simply a bonus choice, not something to capitalize your daily play on.

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by the way, the total to run both roadmaps is 166 x 2 = 332 torches daily. In case you were doing very detailed and precise calculations, though I would let you know.

We get 3 level ups each week which each rewards 75 which is grand total of 225. Sometimes we get the odd raid which is an extra 65 which puts you at 290.

I won’t be running two torchmaps daily. I didn’t run the singular torchmap daily.


They just need to up the number of cards given. Getting to 10k at 30 a day and 130 once a week from the torch map is pure BS. At the very least it should be 50 a day and 250 a week.

I would also love to see them reduce the cost of all s-class toons, especially once it’s 6 months old to 8k or less while also removing the stupid 2nd 6-star requirement.


And a Trade in lol


I think it would be neat to have a card converter. I pick up bunches of cards for toons im not actively chasing through weekly events.

However, I can see the reason for keeping a level of exclusivity on S class collections. Imagine in the most liberal scenario, characters didn’t have individual cards and you just picked up (lets call them crystals) crystals that could be used to exchange for any s class collection. We know the outcome of that would be every whale in the game running 5 traders or 5 mateos or 5 {insert current meta}.

I agree that a bump in torches from 30 to 50 and 130 to 250 makes sense. There are lots of toons to choose from now and that makes the events for any given toon less likely. As such a small bump to the ability to progress on the one you are chasing from your team seems reasonable.

Lets say you get 50/250 on the torch map. Is having to run that map every day for a month (assuming you are sitting on a big pile of torches) a fair price for a toon of your choice? Its about twice as fast as the current torch roadmap which pays out at 62 days.


Nonsense I have 500 world cans, torches… not so many. I go months without using torches until I pick a toon.

I definitely think Scopley did a great update with this S-Class/Torch roadmap. More options for more S-class.

They’re definitely still placing a bottleneck on the amount of cards and torches.

You’re lucky. Many have been seeing their world energy drain recently

I know it gets said so often that its a stupid cliche at this point…

can drops aint what they used to be.

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I usually ran with 60-70 world cans, with ocasionally (once a month on average) spending coins on the RNG bags. With the energy hungry maps lately I went down to as low as 25, but when I realized that, I magically pumped up to 100 without any true expense - not really sure how (no, I wasn’t warring all that much either).

So the cans do drop somewhere, somehow…

Every once in awhile I’ll hit the jackpot and it will rain cans. No rhyme or reason as to why.

RNG sticks again perhaps :thinking:

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