More on Mia Make it both ways

So we know that if you kill Mia and she has a special condition she might be limited or her OUTLAST ability. lets take STUN. if she is stun if prevents all of her actions, BUT if other members of her team remove that special condition she is able to perform all of her actions.


once she has her outlast she should still be subjected to special conditions, especially the ones that do all or to a group like 3. which could affect her if only 3 where left. Especially ones that remove AP.

My point is you can’t have it both ways, remove conditions from outlast you need to allow condtions to be added.


You can inadvertently stun her with Michelle while Mia’s Outlast is active. I can’t upload a video, otherwise I’d show you.

Does anyone know how to upload a mobizen video on here? @LadyGeek or @GR.Scopely

So what you are suggesting is that she is subject to these. Although not being able to be targeted is somewhat of a hindrance to make good use of that knowledge

You can leave one other toon alive the turn you kill Mia. Then on the next turn use Michelle on the other remaining toon.

Yeah, fine if she is one of the last two left. Not so useful if you want to take her down early. That maim is painful if it goes off…

You can also use sawers rush who stuns 3, or Cole’s rush or active that taunts 3. After she is killed and Outlast activates. There is a better chance for it to land on her if you were to take her out early, as you say. My strategy usually is to kill commands, guardians, or neutralizers first, however. The oldest skills give me the most problems.

They’re typically too big to upload here if they’re more than a few seconds long. You can get it to me and I’ll put it up on YouTube if you want.

It’s not just Outlast - cleansers like Mackenzie can clear 100% heal reduction from a corpse, but I can’t add 100% heal reduction to a corpse. It should go both ways - if they can cleanse it, I should be able to add it.


Sure. Now how do I send them to you?

That should go for most. Even ars like Dwight who could get stunned on ar but trigger pay back

Outlast has been like this since Jeremiah. Its not going to change any time soon unfortuantely

The thing is they very recently updated some specialists including Outlast to make them a bit more useful so they can and are capable of making some of these changes

Not inconsistent…

but outlast has been like this for over a year. why would they change it now. is it inconsistent? yes it is. Will they do anything? nope outlast has been out too long for them to want to

I was responding to your comment about payback being inconsistent with regards to multi-attack adrenaline rushes. It’s not. They are rushes, therefore they trigger payback.

And @Opie literally told you they changed Outlast very recently, so why do you think they wouldn’t change it again?

Sorry for the delay. Find me on line, or send via email to

If they are rushes they should be treated as so. He shouldnt get stunned on a rush since other rushes wouldnt get stunned on a rush or impaired etc.

Lol, thats never gonna be implemented. Charlie’s Active becomes more than useful then. He’s f2p and a good chunk of playerbase has him. It makes Decaps somewhat irrelevant. Decaps make Scopely money.

I completely agree with the premise. If you can cleanse stun/taunt/impair/confuse from a KIA Outlast toon, you should also be able to add it. Makes complete logical sense.

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