More OG players quitting

Well my faction had yet another played from the start player quit today. Most blame the introduction of 6* characters. My only issue with that is from a non op 5* team player. When 5s ruled those with he op 5 premiere toons that defended almost everyone were having fun. Since 6s came out and leveled the playing field again they are not having fun anymore. Its a shame that having to grind out wins and struggling with defence and still getting killed is no fun for you. Me i have always had to grind it out use strategy to win. Always had trouble defending in war even though i was fulltime general but still that is what made it fun for me. It is more about the challenge of winning not just winning. This is becoming more common place in many regions. Its sad that the og players are quitting over having to basically start over on thier rosters that they have spent so much money on in the 5 era.

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Think it’s the same in all regions tbh.

People assembled great 5* teams which often came at a great cost. Some have just struggled to adapt to the new era which is fair enough but many others simply objected to the ethics behind destroying the value of what they had built.

I still believe they rushed out ascendance in an attempt to counter the strike that shall not be named*, but this all could have been easily avoided with a bit of forethought, simply creating a 3 tier system for ascendable power.

1: free play (Mirabelle, Gator, Glenn etc) weakest.
2: Previous premier toons (Konrad, Hunter, Priya) mid
3: New Premier (Erika. Herschel, Governor) strongest


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I think this topic has been covered several times already. In my region before 6* my defence was OP and I would get mostly defends. Did 6* ruin that? Yes obviously. Am I still playing. Yes.
For how much longer I’m not sure.
At first I refused to spend on 6*. Am I spending again now. Yes. Not as much as before but still.
If your frustrated with the game and how it’s turned out. Stop playing and seek some sort of refund if you feel mistreated.
Or just call it a day. It is just a game. Did they force you to spend. No.
Or Maybe he was just bored of it. Cus Let’s be honest it’s the same sh* week in week out.


If they wanted a smoother transition they should’ve done a set of 3 of each trait before they even thought of creating The Ascendance Update. It would’ve been enough to get us ready, plus people can’t complain about having tyreese, mirabelle, and carl deathball teams. All it did in the end was cause a snooze fest of teams and a huge feeling of betrayal to everyone.

Bottlenecking was the worst to come from it. If you were a top player you had to have tyreese, etc. or you would’ve hit like a wet noodle when they were stat-buffed. Just another example of great idea, but very bad execution.

I will not wither!

At least, for now…

But seriously, I’m starting to loose hope for this game. I’ve been playing for two years and a half, and things only got out of proportion. The Legends, for instance. You guys should’ve released just the Epic weapons and leave it as that.

Admit it, 6*s broke the game when Ezekiel was released and the Legendary Buff came by. You fellas made a serious mistake and there’s nothing that can get this game as good as it used to be back in the good old days.

Well done, fellas…